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Population31.494.287 inhabitants
Active population
Surface438.320 km²
Main citiesBaghdad (1.5 million), Bassorah (2.2 million), Mossoul (2.2 million), Arbil (1 million), Souleimaniye (773 000)
CurrencyDollar (IQD)
GDP82,15 billion
GDP growth rate (2008)0.8%
GDP per capita2.500 USD
GDP by sector8% agriculture 70% industry 21% services (oil 2 / 3 GDP)
Exports53 billion USD
Imports42.5 billion USD
Official language 
Border countriesSyria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia


AZKAN Iraq : Endowed with important natural resources, Iraq has the third largest oil reserves. The country also has other natural resources, such as gas. In addition to the oil industry, cement production and construction offer good investment potential. Despite years of conflict, the country is in a rebuilding phase and is trying to strengthen its macroeconomic stability , and to diversify its economy in order to reduce its dependence on petroleum products. Public investment has been placed as a national priority. The new trade policy aims to integrate its economy with regional and international markets. The social climate of the country is still very critical and the political and security situations remain highly problematic. The country is struggling to attract foreign capital.