Azkan on RT France


AZKAN GROUP on RT Broadcast 

The Turkish, Russian and Iranian presidents are currently meeting to discuss the Syrian conflict in Idleb province. The prospect of a ceasefire proposed by Ankara does not seem to convince Moscow. Invited RT France RT, the delegate of the French-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Inane Gurbuz takes stock of the situation.



 AZKAN GROUP live on RT 

Executive Manager EMEA of Azkan Group, Mr. Gurbuz, was on the TV of RT France regarding the disagreement between Washington and Ankara. 

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Below some videos of intervention of Inane GURBUZ on RT France

"Turkey plays the card of independence" Inane Gurbuz, about the relationship Turkey - USA
Intervention of Azkan Group's CEO, Inane GURBUZ, live on RT France's stage about the Turkey-Russia-Iran summit before the intervention in Idlib in Syria
Live Interview "Turkey does not intervene against the Kurds"
Summit in Syria : the opinion of Inane Gurbuz