The Turkish market is considered the pillar of international trade between the European continent and Asia. It has many promising sectors, including the agri-food industry.


Turkey is self-sufficient in this area, as well as being the largest producer in the entire Middle East region.


This sector is close to 18.6% of the Turkish GDP, and it contains the production of:

– fruits

– processed vegetables

– flour products

– dairy products

– chocolate shop

– confectionery


Several VSEs and SMEs are located in the country as well as exporting and industrial companies that rank among the largest in the country such as:

– Ulker

– Sutas

– Pinar

– Anadolu Efes

– Banvit


Many international brands are also present in Turkey:

– Danone

– Nestlé

– Ferrero

– Unilever


With its 80 million consumers (young and dynamic population, high incomes, active female population in strong growth, increase in consumption) Turkey represents a gigantic market.


Through this sector Turkey maintains a positive trade balance. Currently, Turkey has exported 1,781 agricultural product types globally to around 190 countries (export volume US $ 16.8 billion).


The Payroll Turkey represents a significant gain for foreign companies wishing to increase their activity in this area


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