Turkish Payroll Turkey : an effective solution for companies wishing to invest in this country ?

Turkish Payroll Turkey involves three actors:

– A company X (example: a International company specialized in the sale of textiles and clothing)

– A payroll company Z (in this case Azkan Group)

– An employee worn (employee) by company Z and working for company X

How are their bonds tied?

Company X has a network of clothing stores throughout Europe. It wants to buy her products in Turkey, but for this this company needs an on-site employee who can get in touch with Turkish manufacturers and negotiate purchase prices.

This company X does not have a legal structure in this country, and wants to open a company on the spot would require too many costs and efforts.

This is where the Z company specializes in Payroll Turkey.

In concrete terms, what does the Turkish Payroll Turkey Company propose?

The recruitment of a Turkish employee and payment of all employer and social contributions.

In other words, company X will only have to give instructions to its employee on the spot. The payroll company Turkey will take care of all the other steps.

The benefits of Turkish Payroll Turkey

It should be noted that in textiles and clothing, Turkey currently accounts for 4% of the textile and clothing exports in the world. This area is the country’s leading export market and presents opportunities for the sale of equipment and raw materials for the textile industry.

This Turkish wage contract with the Turkish company is therefore a godsend for the company X, knowing that Europe is Turkey’s 17th customer for textile products and raw materials, it now hosts 1 , 7% of Turkish exports in textile products, the 4th largest customer for ready-to-wear and Turkish clothing (6%) and 6th for Turkish leather (4.4%). The trade surplus for Turkey is growing and impressive: it is estimated at around 1.3 billion euros for the year 2015.

How is the cost of Turkish labor calculated?

Social security contributions?

Social security contributions paid by the employer: 20.5%.

The social contributions paid by the employee: 14%


Since 2005, Azkan Group has been the leader in assisting International and foreign companies in their development in the Turkish market.

Among the services offered via the premises in Istanbul, we can cite:

– marketing studies,

Detection of partners,

recruitment Turkey,

– coaching in intercultural Turkey

– Payroll Turkey etc.