Why get a work permit in Turkey ?

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Work permit in Turkey : what you need to know

In order for a foreign worker to work in Turkey (independently or as an employee), he needs both a residence permit and a work permit. Law No. 4817 on Work Permits for Foreigners and its Implementing Regulations constitute the legal basis for work permits for foreigners. Work permits are issued for a minimum period of 6 months. The request takes at least 1.5 months.

Turkish companies that apply for a work permit for foreigners are required to employ at least five Turkish citizens for each foreign employee hired. Depending on the case, the 5:1 rule (5 Turkish employees for 1 foreign worker) can be difficult to implement and generate high costs. However, it is possible to apply for a “mounting visa”.

This gives the possibility of seconding staff to Turkey for a maximum period of 3 months. Foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey for a period of up to 90 days for assembly, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting or training work must obtain an assembly visa from a Turkish consulate in their country of residence. or the country of which they are nationals. The stay cannot exceed the total duration of three months during a calendar year.

The Consulates General of Turkey issue a “working visa – assembly and repairman purposes” upon request. No other work permit is otherwise required. Further information on the application procedure is provided by the Consulates General of Turkey.

What are the advantages of Payroll in Turkey for your employees ?

An ideal solution to start a business in Turkey at a lower cost.

Azkan Group offers companies that do not have a stable organization in the country the ideal solution to start an activity in Turkey at a lower cost by taking care of the management and monitoring of one or more of their employees on their behalf.
Regarding the work permit for expatriate employees on medium and long assignments: Azkan Group offers a tailor-made service with complete management of the visa and work permit file with local hiring and contract of your employee of non-Turkish nationality.

RECRUITMENT ADVICE: Define the ideal profile of your employee
Azkan Group advises you on the ideal profile and recruitment strategy (traditional recruitment network and/or headhunters).

SELECTION OF CANDIDATES: Guaranteeing the choice of the ideal employee
Azkan Group carries out telephone and physical interviews for a pre-selection of candidates in order to facilitate your final choice.

LEGAL & SOCIAL CONTRACT: Optimize your costs and your time
From the drafting of legal and social contracts through the declaration of your employee to the monitoring of costs, Azkan Group manages all the turnkey steps.

BACK OFFICE SUPPORT: Surround and support your employee
Azkan Group assists your employee in organizing their travel and related logistics with back office support.

The services included in the Payroll offered by Azkan Group in Turkey:

  • Registration of employees with the local Social Security Institutes
  • Production of the monthly pay slip
  • Monthly social and tax declarations
  • Transfer of the monthly salary to the employee
  • Monthly payment of personal income tax
  • Monthly payment of employer-employee social security contributions
  • Drafting and sending to the competent local bodies the mandatory documents in the event of work stoppages; follow-up of the file until its closure
  • Calculation of the balances of any account due to the employee when he leaves the company, mandatory communications to the competent bodies

Azkan Group is at your disposal for any further information.

Why get a work permit in Turkey ?