The Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce / CCFT

The CCFT proposes in France and in Turkey services of accompaniment for a sustainable development. It organizes meetings, offers multicultural advice, human resources advice, for finances, in the legal domain, transport and advice in logistics.

The French-Turkish chamber of commerce represents a facilitator of exchanges between France and Turkey. It makes a commitment to be apolitical and laic. It turns only to the economic domain, supports the cultural events and brings networks and expertises of her members to all the companies wishing to develop economic relations between France and Turkey.

AZKAN GROUP is a member of the Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce .
Our Chamber has existed since the 70?s and its members are proactive in the development of Franco Turkish relations.
Presently, the Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce has offices in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Feel free to contact us; we hold regular information meetings in Paris, in order to develop exchanges between members.

Your contact in Paris is:

Mail :

1 Quai de la Garonne – 75019 Paris
Tel: + 331.