Azkan Store – Book : “Doing Business in Turkey : A guide to success”

“Doing business in Turkey:  A guide to success”


Edition 2015 – Lignes de Repères – 72 pages – 12 €

Written by Inane GURBUZ

Tips for growing a successful business in Turkey with Turkish people


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Understand all aspects of the Turkish culture and business environment in Turkey with “Doing Business in Turkey : A guide to Success”

Purpose of this work is to help you to better understand all the crosscultural aspects of business communication with Turkish people !

“Doing Business in Turkey : A guide to success” : The absolute guide to make business with Turkish !

Now you have at your disposal an instruction book  on how to negotiate and sell in Turkey. This book helps you also to get tips to succeed as an employee in this country.

The Turkish culture is current heir to the Ottoman Empire. By his past and geographic location, this country is a cultural melting pot.

It is not an easy project to sum up the custom diversity of Turkish people. These traditions are spread through Eastern, Middle East and also European references. Turkish culture enrich itself by the contact with new communities.

These sociocultural factors complicate the discovery of this country.

This book provides to westerner people who travel in Turkey tips to build and strength business connexion with Turkish partners (customers, suppliers, co-workers…). Like this, you can easily free yourself from your crosscultral doubts. By reading this book, you can get main landmarks to maintain a successful business relationship in Turkey.

Our aim is to support you to find your bearings and succeed your business in Turkey.

This book  “Doing business in Turkey:  A guide to success”

is intended for people who :

– travel in Turkey to set up partnership

– implant and develop their business activities in Turkey

– are expats in Turkey


Express Bio Inane Gurbuz

  • Frenco-Turkish, graduated from ESCP EUROPE, one of the leading Business Schools in France and
    Vice-President Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce
  • More than 12 years experience in supporting French and foreign companies in Turkey as Executive Manager EMEA of Azkan Group, a consulting firm
  • Author of the book “Doing business in Turkey:  A guide to success”  – Edition 2015 – Lines of Reference
  • Coach in Turkish Management, intercultural training Turkey
  • Lecturer at ESCE (Foreign Trade Business School)
  • Intervenant in the media to comment on Turkey’s news: LCI, Euronews, France 3, France Inter …
  • And also … French Karate Champion (2nd league)

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