About Azkan Group

AZKAN Group, a part of EIG Holding, is a team specialized in the international support of companies.

AZKAN is situated in several regions of the world to assure you a quality of service as closely as possible to your markets.

We have been providing our services since 2005 to more than 500 global clients, mainly leading companies in the Word and/or European market.

Among our references, we can name: Axa, Pepsi, TikTok, Google, Renault, Ralph Lauren, Bic, Groupama, Siemens….

Due to the increasing interest of global companies in the Turkish market, our company, which continuously invests in people and technology, has become the leader in Turkey and especially in Istanbul.

Our team consists of Human Resources experts, consultants, financial advisors that are rooted from the sector.

PEO services


With a physical presence in Turkey and France, our actions are dedicated to the growth of International companies in Turkey.

We offer you custom-made services according to your objectives and propose you our services, including market study, partner’s detection,  recruitment Turkey, virtual office turkey, serviced offices and payroll Turkey, umbrella company, EOR, PEO among several other activities like Turkey HR and Istanbul HR.

Since 2005, we have supported more than 500 companies in their development mainly in the Turkish market.

In the meantime, via a network of partners, we propose support in the Middle East (Qatar, Dubai and Bahrain) too.

AZKAN Turkey

Our office AZKAN Turkey is based in Istanbul where our experts are well-qualified in particular in development of your activities in the Turkish market:

payroll Turkey, umbrella company, EOR-PEO services, Turkey HR, distributor’s qualification, Istanbul HR, market studies, recruitment Turkey, serviced office Istanbul…


Additional information

  • Our own software solution

    We have our own software solution for Human Resources purposes.

  • Compliant

    Our services and systems are fully compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Turkish Personal Data Protection (KVKK) Law

  • English and Turkish

    Possibility to edit reports in English and Turkish

  • No intermediary

    No intermediary / No sub-contractors: we manage all requests ourselves. We don't outsource your project.

  • Immediate support

    Immediate support: answers to your emails: under 4h / maximum 24h to all your requests ==> we have the answers to your questions, no need to ask to another company

  • Immediate start

    Immediate start: registration of your employee under 24 h

  • Customers are companies based overseas

    100 % of our customers are companies based overseas : like yours. That's why, since 2005, we've been used to managing this kind of request.

  • The quality

    Since 2005, we have and maintain our level of quality.

Inane GURBUZ Paris & Istanbul Executive Manager EMEA of AZKAN GROUP, Vice-President Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, ESCP graduate (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris), Turkish delegate for the Alumni Association, having 7 years of experience as a Business Developer. Franco-Turkish, he has worked in France and Turkey in the clothing (Izmir) and IT industries (DELL & BULL) .

Working with French companies in Turkey since 2005, Inane is also an accomplished sportsman, being the Karate Champion of France (2nd div).

LCI Inane GURBUZ Image

Inane Gurbuz is also a regular speaker on the following topics:

Azkan Group

« KAN » wants to remind us of the emperor Genghis Khan, first called Temudjin, born about 1155 in the current province of Hentiy (Mongolia), who died in 1227 in the Qingshui district (China).

He was the founder of the Mongol Empire, which is regarded as the largest empire of all time.
His empire stretched from present-day Turkey to China, as the same as the countries covered by AZKAN Group ….
The first letters AZ come from Asia but they also mean that AZKAN GROUP manages your projects from A to Z.

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