Video: Turkey’s major challenges in 2017

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Video: Turkey’s major challenges in 2017 

Intervention of Inane GURBUZ on the program « The  Rendez-vous of Géopolitics »

Inane Gurbuz, Executive Manager EMEA of Azkan Group, a Turkish investment firm, is the guest of the show « Les Rendez-vous de la Géopolitique ».

The program offers an economic and geopolitical focus on this country, with a return on the news of 2016 and the major challenges in 2017

Express Bio Inane Gurbuz

  • Frenco-Turkish, graduated from ESCP EUROPE, one of the leading Business Schools in France
  • More than 12 years experience in supporting French and foreign companies in Turkey as an Executive Manager EMEA of Azkan Group, a consulting firm
  • Recruitment in Turkey
  • Author of the book « Doing business in Turkey » – Edition 2015 – Lines of Reference
  • Coach in Turkish Management, intercultural training Turkey
  • Lecturer at ESCE (Foreign Trade Business School)
  • Intervenant in the media to comment on Turkey’s news: LCI, Euronews, France 3, France Inter …
  • And also … French Karate Champion (2nd league)

We supported them in their development in Turkish market : 

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