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Azkan Turkey
Based in Istanbul, Bursa and Paris, AZKAN Group is dedicated to overseas companies wishing to develop their business in Turkey.

Azkan services in Turkey

Since 2005, we have helped over 250 companies in their development with this country. We operate on a step by step basis, depending on your projects. 

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Turkey has a developed industrial area : a large mining sector and 60% of boron world reserves. This is a country rich in natural resources: coal, iron, zinc, chromium, copper and silver. The exploitation of these resources is still underdeveloped and represents many opportunities. A country of 74 million inhabitants, 15 million have a European purchasing power and the number of middle class consumers is constantly growing. The tertiary sector is booming and the country has sustained growth through a modern and dynamic private sector.

Tourism is a key sector of the country. Even if it is already well developed on the Mediterranean coast, the Capital Region and Cappadocia, the country still has great potential. Tourism can also be found among the key sectors including: the automotive equipment supply market , health, energy, packaging, food processing and others… Turkey has 20 zones each holding a particular sector of activity. Finally, labor cost is cheap while remaining very productive.

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