Consulting / International Support in Turkey

Since 2005, AZKAN Group consulting company has a team of local experts and regular speakers who have the following missions in Turkey :


Depending on your goals, as a consulting company in Turkey are able to carry out thorough investigations in order to validate your potential development for a certain target market.

We will carry out any type of study for you, according to your needs and objectives : information about the market, sector analysis, market potential analysis, competition analysis, competitiveness, viability and feasibility of a project, ad-hoc survey…etc

The success of an exhibition is based on its upstream preparation and downstream monitoring! We are able to assist you in every step, whether to select a room, contact potential partners, organize appointments, assist you with local experts (interpretation and advice), or keeping in touch with newly-made contacts.

Whether it is Turkey, China or the Middle East, we can organize your appointments.

Fully bilingual and locally based, our teams will allow you to erase all the uncertainties in cross-cultural negotiation.

Thus you can benefit from the advice of a local expert to the success of your business abroad!

Whether it is a search of land spaces, assistance in choosing the legal status (subsidiary, representative office …), we support you in every step of creating your structure on place.

Moreover, we can host you in our offices and even help recruit your future employees (more information at « Recruitment Turkey« , « Turkey HR » & « Serviced and virtual offices ».

Training in order to develop your international negotiation skills. Example: “How to work and negotiate with Turks?”»

Depending on your target, as a consulting company in Turkey we are able to detect you all types of partners: agents, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers … Once the specifications drawn up, our local team takes over. Thus, we pre-qualify locally, establish a first contact with potential partners by introducing them to you. This is a step by step approach taking into account your objectives, until we assist you during on-site appointments.

Since 2005, AZKAN has been a recruitment and head hunting agency in China, Turkey and the Middle East. We often recruit Subsidiary Managers, Sales Engineers, and Plant Manager …, in general executive / non-executive profiles.

Via our office in China, Turkey and the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain), we can recruit your employees through our legal entity.

This solution allows you to control your costs of implementation, avoid creating your own structure, accounting and especially saving time!

AZKAN offers offices in China (Shanghai), Turkey (Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara …) and even the Middle East (Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain). Fully equipped and furnished, the offices are available for a day, a month or a year. Please inform us about your requirements (duration, start date, end, and size of offices), especially acoording to your city and country of location. Through our network of partners we can offer offices in several cities at once.

AZKAN can host your company giving you the benefit of an address in China, Turkey and the Middle East.

Our solutions allow you to receive mails, phone calls, to have a local address and so on.

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