Payroll Libya

Payroll Libya

AZKAN Group supports companies in their Payroll Libya projects. We offer payroll and HR services. It allows you to have a subsidiary  cheaply and you will not need to create a legal structure.

Payroll Libya

Our offer on Libya market

Azkan Group aims to offer several sectors such as the oil industry a highly qualified staff and superior quality services.

We are specialized in services such as recruitment and also staffing solutions. Such as customers who oil and staffing needs gas, onshore and offshore.

 Areas of expertise:

Here’s a list of our areas of intervention of the staff, we provide for operators, drilling contractors, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) and service companies.

Payroll Libya


– Mud specialist

– Logistic specialist

–  HSE specialist…

Drilling contractors:

– Chief electrician

– Chief mechanic

– Driller- assistant Driller…

Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC):

– Pumping

– Hydraulic Fracking

– Coiled Tubing

Personnel for Well Services Companies such as:

– Pumping

– Well testing

– Snubbing

Libya market:

Libya is a country with 617.3579 million of inhabitants.  Capital city is Tripoli; local currency is Libyan Dinar (LYD).

Libya is the second largest oil producer in Africa. It has the largest oil reserves in Africa, making it one of the major players of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Payroll Libya

Azkan Group presentation

In addition to Payroll Libya, Azkan Group is providing global payroll solution in countries like Algeria, Mozambique, Angola, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia…

We are able to help you every step of your project, step by step. Among our areas of missions, we offer the following services:

– Recruitment projects (e.g: Recruitment Turkey, China…)

– Payroll (e.g: Payroll TurkeyPayroll Morocco, China, UAE…)

– Partners detection

– Subsidiary creation projects

– Serviced offices

We have already reached more than 250 companies in their projects. And we are represented in the following countries:

– China
– Turkey
– Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain)

Commercial support :

+ 33 1 40 37 26 74