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As one of the leaders of Recruitment Turkey, Azkan Group also provides PEO Professional Employer Organisation in Turkey and Payroll Turkey services.

Since 2005, Azkan Group has been recognised as a Leading PEO Turkey service provider.

If you are looking for an expert local company, and if you don’t have any legal structure in Turkey, Azkan Group can guide you through the necessary steps for recruiting a suitable candidate. Our company will take care of the work permit (if the worker is not a Turkish citizen), and all of the associated legal tasks (payment of taxes, salary and social security). Our team has local expertise in Turkish labour laws, and that is why Azkan Group can provide you PEO Turkey –  Professional Employer Organisation services. You should know that setting up a company in Turkey might be expensive, and because of this, the maintenance costs can be high.

Azkan Group can provide Payroll Turkey services for foreigners and expatriates, as well as  local employees.

Advantages of PEO – Professional Employer Organisation in Turkey

  • Flexibility in administrative management
  • Alleviate, simplify, and reduce administrative management, as well as human, legal and payroll costs
  • Avoid links of subordination
  • Facilitate the allocation of research costs or training etc.
  • Optimise the needs of your staff with external expertise offering high added value
  • Reduction of fixed charges
  • Control over outsourcing, and the reduction fixed costs
  • No hidden costs: The company buys a pre-defined service according to its means that will not incur additional costs

Azkan Group takes care of all the administrative procedures, including:

  • Declaration of employment
  • Work contract, payslips
  • Declaration of social charges
  • Medical
  • Mutual

Azkan Group offers value-added services with full management of the salaries of your employees in Turkey (statement, payroll, medical etc.).

Thanks to the largest branch network in Turkey, a Turkey HR Solutions expert is available to set up a contract for you within 24 hours.

Package Recruitment + PEO services to discover the Turkish Market

Take advantage of our Turkish PEO solution to recruit Turkish sales personnel, penetrate local markets and promote your range of products. Alternatively, you can select IT profiles for more specific and technical projects. This enables you to avoid setting up an official Turkish entity, limit risks and start or stop activity whenever you want! Azkan Group is only dedicated to foreign investors in our local market, which is why we’ve got a network of companies with offices in Istanbul and Paris, France.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our PEO Turkey solutions.