Azkan Qatar

Azkan Qatar
Based in Qatar and Paris, AZKAN Group is dedicated to overseas companies wishing to develop their activities in Qatar.

Azkan services in Qatar

Since 2005, we have worked with 250 companies in their international import / export /projects.   We operate and offer personalized solutions to suit your objectives.

Among our areas of assistance, we offer the following services:

PEO services

AZKAN Group is also present in other countries of the Middle East (Bahrain, Dubai), and in China (among our other services) creation of subsidiary in China) and in Turkey (assistance recruitment Turkey).


Qatar has the second highest GDP per capita income in the world. This is one of the richest countries and the most creditworthy of the Gulf. In recent years, it records impressive economic growth.
Qatar holds 16% of world gas reserves and is the third world largest producer. Its economy is based on the boom in oil prices occurred in recent years, an effective economic diversification policy and the launch of many major projects. 

Qatar wants to develop a major program of industrialization, especially in the areas of liquefaction and petrochemicals.

The government, which wants to develop the service sector, has adopted a proactive policy-based infrastructure investment : urban, motorway and railway networks, leisure facilities and prestige.