Services AZKAN

Azkan Group is a firm specialized in international business whose head office is situated in France and which possesses offices in China, in Turkey and in the Middle East. Those implantations directly in site allows us to be real expert on services like Turkey HR or more specificly Istanbul HR if your needs are specific to only one city. We help companies having projects in these countries to develop there. We offer  you many services which will allow you to develop your on-the-spot business. Our interventions concern various domains. Our main actions go to payroll Turkey and recruitment Turkey.


Concerning our Payroll and HR services in Turkey, the concept is simple. Our customers pay us the equivalent of the salary and the taxes for their employee in Turkey, as well as the expenses of payroll Turkey and we take care of the remuneration for the employee, his payslip, we pay its taxes and the employee, then become an Azkan employee, who works fully for our customer. Choosing to be thought of by our payroll Turkey office is the best solution. It allows a saving of time and money, because our customer is exempted to create an on-the-spot company, to rent offices, to hire an accountant, and to pay the taxes of setting-up on the Turkish territory. Azkan is managing payroll services also through his network of local companies.



Our structure of recruitment Turkey allows the International companies wishing to recruit staff in Turkey, to take care of all the formalities of hiring of their on-the-spot employee. Turkey HR initiative is wide. It goes from the research for CV corresponding to the expectations of our customers in our constantly enriched database, to the hiring of the candidate, including candidates’ reception in our Istanbul HR offices for job interviews. This activity, recruitment Turkey, is very expanding and we are more and more contacted by companies in need of Turkey HR or Istanbul HR and wishing to develop abroad. The advantages to be thought of by our recruitment Turkey agency as a company wishing to develop in Turkey are multiple. First of all, it allows a saving of time and money. Secondly, recruitment Turkey allows you to pass besides the administrative procedures and to let us take care of the research, the Human resources Turkey and of the meeting of potential candidates. Except our two main spheres of action previously quoted, we propose other services such as consulting and international support, partners detection, commercial domiciliation, serviced and virtual offices, and Sourcing.


We have a qualified team which will be present and will help you in your steps with Turkey through various actions of advice and international support : Export / product / market analysis, market study, exhibitions support, assistance during negotiations, location assistance, cross-cultural training, partners detection, recruitment, payroll Turkey, serviced offices in Business Center, virtual offices.


We are your interlocutors in partners detection  in Turkey but also in China and in the Middle East. This service is assured by our experts teams situated locally.


We offer you renting of offices services , equipped and furnished, in Istanbul, to exercise your activity and we make you benefit from additional services.


We offer you an address in Istanbul for your commercial domiciliation in Turkey as well as additional services.


Our Sourcing China services include the detection for you of new partners, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors in China and if need we also take care of all the logistic procedures.


We also offer you Sourcing Turkey services. So, we accompany you in your steps of import and export towards and since Turkey. For that purpose, our dedicated teams take care of all the procedures since partners identification up to your collaboration with them while offering you the best advice.