Turkish employment agencies

Employers may hire temporary employees by applying to private Turkish employment agencies, however, activity areas of private Turkish employment agencies and time periods in Turkey allowed for temporary employment are quite limited when compared to application abroad.

Turkish employment agencies contract

Authorized private Turkish employment agencies can establish a temporary employment relationship by transferring its employees to the employer with a temporary employment contract in the following circumstances :

  • During the suspension period of a continuing work contract of employees who cannot perform their work for the employer because of pregnancy, military service, annual leave, or sickness
  • In seasonal agricultural work
  • In domestic jobs, without any time limit
  • In some specific work that is deemed out of the establishment’s everyday main work routine, performed in a short time and with intervals, for 4 months at the most
  • In the maintenance of emergency work with regard to job safety or in the circumstances of force majeure that affects the production considerably, for 4 months at the most
  • In case of an unforeseen increase in the work load of the establishment, for 4 months at the most
  • In periodic workload increases, 4 months at the most, with the exception of agricultural work

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