Umbrella Company France

As an Umbrella Company France service provider, AZKAN Group can manage your local payroll needs in France. We can take care of your payroll and all administration issues (collecting payments ; process of payslip : arrangement contract for your employee).


Payroll France / Outsourcing solution

Choosing Azkan Group Umbrella Company France is to benefit guarantee (by our expertise we can set up your employee in France and take charge of his social tax, legal and financial issues), cost control (the client keep the control of its costs) and flexibility (less responsability so the client car focus on its strategic business). Outsource your Payroll France request to Azkan Group.

By our expertise in Umbrella Company France, we support your employees from different sector as IT, Telecom, Engineering, Construction…

You don’t have a legal structure in France and you would like to manage temporary employee ? AZKAN Group Payroll France is the solution for your activity.

We are used to work with international companies whishing to developp their activity in France without setting up a limited company.

If it’s your first experience in French market, avoid any risk and choose the AZKAN Group Payroll option. With it you can avoid responsibility and legal duties. The registration of your employee will be easier and fastier.

With AZKAN Group Umbrella Company France there is no need to establish a legal structure if you want to test the French market. We employ the employee who will promote your products and services and you will easily manage him.

No additional charges is required by our side, AZKAN Group Umbrella Company France will just bill you the amount which had previously been negotiated. We will sign the employment contract with the employee and transfer his salary.

We assist international companies on every step of their way in France.

Advantages Umbrella Company France for employees

AZKAN Group Umbrella Company France gives also advantages to your employee :

Advantages Umbrella Company France for employers

For employers choosing AZKAN Group means one thing : no stress of running their own limited company.

With us you take advantage of your work-related costs to save on your tax.

Our services are fast and efficient. We can also offer you a consultation service, with it you can decide which solution is the best for your project in french market.

To get more information about our Umbrella Company France solutions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our consultants based in Paris can inform you about our payroll process. Azkan Group is also offering services in Turkey : Payroll and Turkey HR, Recruitment Turkey …