15 things to discover in Turkey

discover turkey

A stay in Turkey is an opportunity to relax and discover lot of things.

Zoom on the activities to do during your holidays in this country

Visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The Sultanahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque, is a must-see during your vacation in Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the country. This building was built in the 7th century, during the reign of Sultan Ahmet Ler. Its imposing structure and its infrastructures dating from another era offer you an unforgettable journey through time. Inside this mosque, everything seems to have been created to amaze you. Its walls decorated with blue ceramics give it a unique charm.

You will also enjoy strolling around the Blue Mosque during your stay. Right next to it, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the city and take beautiful souvenir photos. Book your accommodation indicating the number of people planned for the trip now. For the flight, you can leave from Paris, Geneva, Toulouse, Marseille, Nantes, Brussels, Nice, Lyon… For the hotel, several establishments are present in the city of Istanbul for comfortable vacation. Find out about the price before you leave.

Tasting Turkish dishes in Istanbul, Turkey

During your trip to Turkey, let yourself be seduced by its gastronomic richness. The city of Istanbul is one of the best places to experience Turkish culture through its food. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the circuit to take during your vacation. If you want to share moments of intimacy with the inhabitants of the city during your trip, go to the market where the street vendors will make you taste the famous pides, Börek, sarma… If you want to live this experience in the quiet, you will find traditional restaurants in several areas of this Turkish city. However, choose establishments that have received good reviews so as not to have a bad experience during your vacation.

Promenade on Patara beach in Antalya, Turkey

To relax and sunbathe quietly, go to this beach in Antalaya during your vacation in Turkey. Twenty kilometers long, it is also ideal for family activities (walks, beach volleyball, picnics, etc.).

Be careful, you will not find any hotel near Patara beach in Antalya. If you are planning a day at this place during your trip, you should prepare before departure. The wisest thing is to opt for a travel offer with an all-inclusive formula, including the day at Patara beach. This will ensure that once your Antalya beach expedition is over, your transfer to Antalaya city and other locations in the country will be comfortable and safe.

Boat trip to Bodrum, Turkey

Thanks to its idyllic setting and gentle way of life, Bodrum is one of the most popular places in Turkey during the summer holidays. This luxurious pied-à-terre has a multitude of family activities in store for you. Bodrum is also perfect for a honeymoon. Boat trips are particularly popular. They will make you enjoy the sea air and a breathtaking view of the city of Bodrum during your trip.

It is quite possible to leave for Bodrum from the various airports. Here are the possible transfers:

Paris Mulhouse airport to Bale;

Bordeaux airport to Bale;

Geneva airport to Bale;

Lyon airport to Bale;

Toulouse airport to Bale;

Nice airport to Bale;

Nantes airport to Bale;

Marseille Airport to Bale;

Brussels Airport to Basel.

By adopting the right methods, you will even benefit from the best prices on your flights, hotels and transfers. During your holidays, you will find a club offering outings aboard a yacht to discover Bodrum (Turkey) and its miles of coastline.

Take a turkish bath

Taking a Turkish bath is a great way to discover Turkey and the cultural richness of the country during your vacation. In the Ottoman era, hammams were presented as public baths and were an integral part of the daily life of the inhabitants. Even today you will find many of these sites in perfect condition and can use them to relax during your stay. As in a classic hammam, you will have to sweat for a few hours in the middle of the steam. An attendant will then come and rub you with a kese mitt before pouring cold water all over your body. After these steps, you will be soaped from head to toe and enjoy a long massage.

It is in Istanbul that you will find the most prestigious sites in the country. To make the most of these public baths during your stay, choose to spend your nights in a nearby hotel. You can now book your hotel and flight to Basel in advance. Departure can be from Nice, Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Nantes…

Cappadocia City Tour, Turkey

The region of Cappadocia is not to be missed during your stay in Turkey. Located in the heart of Anatolia, Cappadocia has many enriching activities in store for you, a breathtaking landscape and an incomparable welcome. Quickly find the travel offer (price, departure airport, flights, transfer, hotel with breakfast included, etc.) that meets your needs. You will certainly find an offer that meets your expectations from Geneva, Paris Mulhouse, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Brussels…

In Cappadocia, you can walk in the Goreme Valley, an exceptional place made up of a small troglodyte village. Also visit the Tokali Church, the open-air museum of Zelve and the commune of Mustafapasa during your stay in Cappadocia. And to live a unique experience during your holidays, take a hot air balloon ride in the Valley of Love.

Cesme Town view from Cesme Castle

Escape to the city of Izmir, Turkey

Also organize a stay in Izmir during your holidays in Turkey. Hotels, flights, circuits to do… everything must be planned in advance to fully enjoy your getaway to this place. In this third largest city and one of the most beautiful sites in the country, carry out unusual activities such as strolling in the Bazaar district, visiting the Atatürk Museum, strolling along the Aegean Sea…

Several nice restaurants and bars are present in Izmir to enhance your stay and make your vacation unforgettable. You will also find many hotels for all tastes and budgets. As for travel, you can take the tram lines, the metro and the bus as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Stay at Crystal Resort & Spa Turkey

If you want to take advantage of your vacation to relax, spend your nights at the Crystal Hotel. Crystal Resort is a 5-star property located in the pretty town of Kemer, Antalaya. The infrastructure and services available in this city make it an exceptional place not to be missed during your stay in Turkey. You will find large swimming pools with deckchairs and parasols, a restaurant serving traditional Turkish dishes, rooms with panoramic views, suites, a spa…

The advantage of a stay at Crystal Resort is that you will have privileged access to the various historical sites and attractions of the city. You will be located, for example, only 2.5 km from Çaliş Tepesi, an ideal hiking circuit to enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Excursion to Fethiye, Turkey

If you are a lover of atypical trips, you will like Fethiye. This Turkish city has a multitude of unique activities in store for you that you will have the pleasure of doing with your family and friends. For successful stays, cast off and set off to explore the Turkish Mediterranean coast. For a day, you will escape in a picturesque setting and discover these 12 islands in Turkey that dot the bay.

Find the opinions of other travelers on this jewel of Turkey in various forums. You will know the price of boat transfers to these sites, the circuit not to be missed, the perfect places for lunch…

Stay at Hotel Mondi Club Water Side Resort Turkey

If for you, holidays rhyme with a luxury hotel, you will like the Mondi hotel. It is one of the finest clubs in the country. In Mondi, you will enjoy the charm of Turkey in a different way. After visiting the most beautiful monuments and enjoying a walk in the center of the city of Antalaya, you can relax in a comfortable and spacious room. You can also swim in the pool, have a leisurely lunch in Mondi’s restaurant and relax in the spa. To fully enjoy your stay, we advise you to choose the all-inclusive offer with breakfast included, nights in a comfortable room, guided tour to the must-see sites, transfers, etc.

Nallıhan Bird Paradise Walk in Ankara

Discover in Turkey the Paradise of Birds during your stay in Ankara, Turkey. It is a protected reserve located on the Silk Road. It is rich in fauna and flora that you will not find anywhere else. The birds sheltered by this reserve will offer you an almost magical spectacle.

For unforgettable trips, we advise you to organize everything in advance. Plan your flights, your nights in the most beautiful hotels, your transfers… in advance.

Hike the Lycian Way in Turkey

If you are a fan of hiking, take this tour during your stay in Turkey. 540 km long, it offers you a beautiful journey through time. Indeed, it will lead you to the majestic ruins of the city like Letoön and Xanthos. During your journey, you will also have the opportunity to admire a breathtaking view of the Taurus mountain, one of the sites not to be missed during your stay.

For your expedition on this circuit to be a success, plan a departure in the most beautiful places like Kalkan, Fethiye or Patara.

Paragliding in Pamukkale and Ölüdeniz, Turkey

To make your stay in Turkey even more unforgettable, we recommend paragliding trips. It is about overlooking the mountains to contemplate the beauty of the landscape from the sky. Pamukkale and Ölüdeniz are among the best places to practice this activity.

Paragliding flights in Ölüdeniz usually depart from Babadağ Mount Baba. You will have the opportunity to overlook the village. As for the flights to Pamukkale, the departure will be on one of the most beautiful peaks of Turkey. During this journey, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the Turkish ruins.

Kayaking on the shore of Kekova Island, Turkey

During your trip to Turkey, you can also go kayaking. This activity will allow you to discover in Turkey the submerged city and its underwater ruins. The departure for this excursion will take place on the port.

For economical holidays, find good travel plans in agencies like FRAM. Cheap stays are available to make you enjoy your vacation. Consult the opinions of other travelers to find an offer adapted to your needs. All you have to do is find the right offer according to the number of people and your budget.

View of Alanya fortress, Turkey

A walk in the bay of Alanya is one of the essentials during your stay in Turkey. You can admire a magnificent view from this place. Especially if you wait until sunset. To climb to the top of this fortress, you can take a cable car. However, ask for more information on the price before going to this place classified among the most beautiful sites in the country. Otherwise, it is also possible to complete the route on foot.

To easily access this bay, you can stay in a nearby hotel. Opt for a travel offer with full breakfast to recharge your batteries before your trip.