Conditions of announcement of working and rest hours in Turkey

Another action to be taken in terms of organizing the work at the workplace is the announcement of the working and rest hours in Turkey determined above.

According to Article 67 of the Labour Law No. 4857, the starting and ending times of the daily work and rest hours in Turkey must be announced to the workers at the workplace. It is possible to make this announcement by hanging the prepared announcement in a place where the workers can easily see it.

Depending on the nature of the work, the starting and ending times of the work may be arranged differently for the workers.

To implement the employee’s right to leave, a company agreement or collective agreement or, failing that, a branch agreement or agreement determines the duration of each of the leaves mentioned. to the same article which cannot be less than:

1° Four days for his marriage or for the conclusion of a civil solidarity pact;

2° One day for the marriage of a child;

3° Three days, for each birth. This period of leave begins to run, at the choice of the employee, on the day of the birth of the child or the first working day which follows;

3° bis Three days for the arrival of a child placed for adoption;

4° Five days for the death of a child or seven working days when the child is under the age of twenty-five and whatever his age if the deceased child was himself a parent or in the event of the death of a person under the age of twenty-five in his effective and permanent charge;

5° Three days for the death of the spouse, the partner bound by a civil pact of solidarity, the cohabitant, the father, the mother, the stepfather, the stepmother, a brother or a sister ;

6° Two days for the announcement of the occurrence of a disability, a chronic pathology requiring therapeutic training or cancer in a child.

The days off mentioned in this article are working days.