Deadline for Property and Sanitation Tax in Turkey was 31.05.2024

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Property Tax in Turkey

Property tax in Turkey is a mandatory payment for owners of real estate, including land, estates, workplaces, and houses. The individual whose name appears on the deed is responsible for paying this tax.

This tax is divided into two equal installments each year. The first installment is due in March, April, or May, and the second is due in November.

To make a payment, taxpayers must deposit their payments at the Property Tax Department of their registered municipality. If making the payment in person, the real estate deed must be presented. For properties located outside the city, payments can be made at PTT offices. Additionally, payments can be made online via the e-municipality system (e-belediye) in Turkish.

Please note that the deadline for the first installment of property tax was May 31, 2024.

Sanitation Tax

Sanitation tax is collected from workplaces that utilize solid waste collection and sewage system services. This tax is paid in two installments annually, in May and November. The first installment is due by May 31, 2024.

Payments must be made either by directly applying to the relevant municipality or through the municipality’s online system.

General Definition

Houses, workplaces, and other buildings that use solid waste collection systems within municipal boundaries and adjacent areas are liable to pay the sanitation tax.

If your tax liability is not registered with the municipality, there is no need for payment until the workplace is registered and becomes a taxpayer. Once a company is an obligated taxpayer or needs a municipality work license, payment of this tax becomes mandatory, and the debt will be calculated from the establishment date of the company. This tax is obligatory for all types of companies.

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