General questions about wages in Turkey and the cost of living

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What is a good salary in Turkey?

Statistically they are around 1200 euros per month. In Istanbul in particular, they are significantly higher than in the rest of the country. In rural areas, 700 euros are usually enough to live on.

How much will workers make in Turkey in 2022?

The minimum wage for 2022 was increased by 50% in December 2021 compared to the previous one. It was raised from TRY 2,825 to TRY 4,253.40 net. That still amounts to about 265 EUR (1 EUR = 16 TRY, as of 09.03.2022).

What do cleaning ladies earn in Turkey?

Just like a cleaning lady…she earns around 280€ + tip(again between 100-200€)… that’s a great way to live in Turkey…!!! and with us the cleaning ladies really have almost every 2nd

Can you live in Turkey with 500 euros?

Ideally, if you own a property and don’t have to pay rent, you’ll need at least 10,000 lira a month. However, visit many other places in Turkey where the cost of living is lower and you will need an average of 7,000 lira a month.

How much does rent cost in Turkey?

12,500 TRY (1700 US dollars) per month. Rent is usually counted as a separate expense in Turkey. The relatively cheap cost of living in Istanbul means you can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle on a budget.

How much do Turks earn in Turkey?

There are clear regional differences in the Turkish average income. Most of the money is available to residents of the metropolis of Istanbul, at 35,000 lira. This corresponds to 10,437 euros. Western Anatolia comes in second.

How much does a Doctor make in Turkey?

There, the average salary as a specialist in Turkey is €9,900.00 and for senior physicians at around €11,310.00 gross per month.

How much is tipping customary in Turkey?

Turkey is the opposite of Japan when it comes to tipping: Here it is taboo and extremely impolite not to leave a small tip (“baksheesh”). In the restaurant, about 10% of the bill is appropriate, the coins are left on the table.

How much does a salesman earn in Turkey?

They earn around 730 TL (238 euros) per month and their average living expenses are 1020 TL (332 euros) per month.

How much does a house in Turkey cost in lira?

About the average house prices in Turkey. Currently, the average house price in Turkey is 4,054 Turkish Lira per square meter, according to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

How much does a loaf of bread cost in Turkey?

You can get typical Turkish bread in the bakery shelf of the supermarket for around 1.30 lira, i.e. 15 cents. For 500 grams of black bread you have to pay at least 3 lira. For special types of bread with nuts, seeds etc. it can also be 10 lira.

Where not to tip Turkey?

The stalls with food: (Simit in Istanbul, ice cream, etc.) You are not expected to tip at stalls.

Should you pay with Euro or Lira in Turkey?

Conclusion on money in Turkey. When paying in Turkey, you should definitely change euros into Turkish lira. Changing money is cheaper than paying with euros in Turkey. Also, only shops near tourist spots accept other currencies.

How much do you tip at hotels in Turkey?

In many hotels, a tip for the maid of one euro per day is also considered good manners. In Turkey, the issue of tipping is treated in a similar way to many European countries. Vacationers are right here with 10 to 15 percent for service staff.

Why are the cars in Turkey so expensive?

Boom in demand Why used cars are more expensive than new cars in Turkey. For fear of a second corona wave, cars are sold against cash reserves. Nevertheless, prices are rising – also because of a luxury tax. During the corona crisis, the volume of car traffic increased, especially in major Turkish cities.

Where is the best place to live in Turkey?

Istanbul. Istanbul is Turkey’s most popular and cosmopolitan city. Here you will find great history, the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Bosphorus and a variety of cultural leisure facilities. Thanks to the prestigious educational institutions, Istanbul is perfect for families.

What does a professor earn in Turkey?

The national average monthly salary for a professor in Turkey is TRY 23,130.

How much does an Engineer make in Turkey?

The average salary for a Engineer in Istanbul (Turkey) is €92,746.

How good can you live in Turkey?

In general, life is really good there: lots of sun, delicious food, hospitable people, a spectacular landscape and the cost of living that is up to 60 percent lower than here. Around 25,000 Germans have now chosen the country on the Bosporus as their new home.