Turkish labor rights

Please find below all details regarding Turkish labor rights.


Turkish labor rights / Turkish working Time

Forty-five hours maximum weekly. Generally spread over six-days of the week so as not to exceed seven and a half hours per day. By mutual consent weekly working time may be divided differently.

Turkish labor rights / Turkish rest day

As a rule Sunday is a rest day, however, some workplaces are allowed to work on Sundays with a permit.

Turkish labor rights / Turkish banks and offices

Banks and some offices work 5 days a week, taking the Saturday and Sunday as weekly rest days.

Turkish labor rights / Turkish minimum wage

TRY Gross : 2029,50

TRY Net : 1603,12

Employers will be receiving premium refunds as part of a government minimum wage support for workers whose wages (earnings subject to premium) notified are under a certain amount throughout 2018. The support is expected to be about 100,00 TRY.

Turkish annual leave

Employees are entitled to annual leave upon completion of at least on year of service, including the trial period.

Periods of leave

Paid annual leave entitlement is based on the length of service

1-5 years (included) : 14 days

5-15 years : 20 days

More than 15 years (included) : 26 days

However, employees aged 18 and young and aged 50 and older are entitled to a minimum of 20 days. In addition, employees are also allowed to take up to 4 days leave without pay, on the condition that the employee provides evidence that they are spending their annual leave at a place other than where the work place is located. Employee’s wage, pertaining to the period of annual leave, should be paid in advance or by raising an advance payment prior to commencement of the leave.
Leave periods may be divided by mutual consent, provided that one of the parts shall not be less than ten days. If the employee leaves before completing one years of service there will be no annual leave on pro rata basis.

Increased annual leave entitlement and annual leave on pro rate basis can be granted through employers and collective agreements.

Detailed informations available about Turkish labor rights on Azkan Group website.