Understanding SSI Termination Codes in Turkey

SSI Termination Turkey

A comprehensive overview of SSI Termination Codes in Turkey

In this article, we will delve into the SSI termination codes in Turkey, exploring their significance, common categories, and the impact they have on individuals’ social security benefits.

The Social Security Institution (SSI) in Turkey plays a crucial role in providing social security benefits to its citizens. However, there are instances when individuals’ eligibility for benefits may cease, resulting in termination of their SSI coverage in Turkey. To ensure transparency and accountability, the SSI has implemented termination codes to categorize the reasons behind the termination.

Understanding SSI in Turkey

The Social Security Institution (SSI), known as Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (SGK) in Turkish, is responsible for managing and overseeing social security programs in Turkey. These programs include retirement, disability, health insurance, and unemployment benefits. The SSI provides coverage to employees, self-employed individuals, and their dependents, ensuring their financial security during various stages of life.

SSI Termination Codes in Turkey : Significance and Purpose

SSI termination codes in Turkey are alphanumeric designations used to identify and classify the reasons for terminating an individual’s social security coverage. These codes serve a crucial purpose in maintaining an organized system, facilitating record-keeping, and ensuring transparency in the termination process. By assigning specific codes to each termination case, the SSI can track the prevalence of different termination reasons, evaluate the effectiveness of their policies, and make informed decisions to improve their services.

Common SSI Termination Code Categories in Turkey

  1. Retirement: Code R indicates the termination due to reaching the retirement age set by the SSI. Once an individual becomes eligible for a retirement pension, their social security coverage is terminated.
  2. Death: Code D denotes the termination of social security benefits due to the death of the beneficiary. In such cases, the surviving dependents may be eligible for survivor benefits.
  3. Employment Termination: Code E is assigned when an individual’s employment ends, resulting in the termination of their social security coverage. This can occur due to various reasons such as resignation, termination, or the closure of a business.
  4. Expiration of Benefit Entitlement: Code X is assigned when an individual’s eligibility for social security benefits expires, usually after a specific period of receiving benefits.
  5. Invalidity: Code I represents the termination due to the individual’s inability to work due to a permanent disability or incapacity. In such cases, they may be eligible for disability benefits.

Implications and Repercussions

SSI termination codes have significant implications for individuals in terms of their social security benefits. When an individual’s coverage is terminated, it means they are no longer eligible for the respective benefits associated with their terminated status. This termination can have a direct impact on their financial well-being, especially for those who heavily rely on these benefits for their livelihood.

Furthermore, terminated individuals might lose access to healthcare services provided under the SSI, including medical treatments, prescriptions, and hospitalization coverage. Consequently, they may need to seek alternative insurance options or face increased financial burdens for medical expenses.


Understanding SSI termination codes in Turkey is essential for individuals and stakeholders involved in the social security system. These codes categorize and define the reasons behind the termination of an individual’s social security coverage, providing transparency and accountability. Whether it’s retirement, death, employment termination, expiration of benefit entitlement, or invalidity, these codes capture the diverse circumstances leading to the cessation of social security benefits. By comprehending the implications and consequences associated with SSI termination codes, individuals can better navigate their social security coverage and plan for alternative arrangements if necessary, ensuring a more secure financial future.