What is ISKUR On-the-Job Training Program?


The ISKUR On-the-Job Training Program is designed to decrease unemployment rates, enhance the professional knowledge of registered unemployed candidates on ISKUR, and allow them to learn and develop their skills by experiencing work and production processes.

The program also provides employers with an opportunity to evaluate the candidates’ performance for a certain period and hire qualified employees. It can also save employers the cost of searching for new employees.

What are the Benefits of the On-the-Job Training Program? The ISKUR On-the-Job Training Program can help employers save on the cost of a minimum wage by hiring qualified candidates after they complete the necessary requirements. Employers can observe the candidates’ performance while they work in the field and train them according to the company’s culture and needs. If the program is completed successfully, employers can also benefit from SSI incentives for new employees.

For detailed information about incentives, please contact us.

What are the Conditions for Benefiting from the On-the-Job Training Program?

The following conditions must be met to benefit from the ISKUR On-the-Job Training Program:

  • Being unemployed and registered with ISKUR
  • Having reached the age of 15
  • Not being a first- or second-degree relative or spouse of the employer
  • Not being retired
  • Not having been employed at the employer’s workplace under their tax number for the year preceding the program start date
  • Not having completed the same profession’s course/program organized by the Institution
  • Not having been sanctioned for not participating in the program
  • Meeting the conditions for benefiting from job and vocational consultancy services

What are the Conditions for Employers to Benefit from On-the-Job Training Programs?

Employers can find candidates for their job vacancies or request them from İŞKUR in On-the-Job Training Programs. The following are the employer requirements to benefit from the program:

  • Being registered with ISKUR
  • Having at least five employees
  • Committing to employ at least 70% of the candidates for at least three times the program duration (not less than 60 days)

Employers can request candidates up to 30% of the number of employees in the same city and workplaces with the same tax number.

What Documents are Required from Employers to Apply for the On-the-Job Training Program? Employers can apply for the On-the-Job Training Program through the İŞKUR E-BRANCH (In Turkish) portal. The required documents for employers are as follows:

  • Application petition
  • Trade registry gazette, foundation deed, association charter, original or notarized copies of the registration documents of the union or chamber, or a document showing the employer’s legal status
  • Signature certificate of authorization showing the signature of the employer or the employer’s authorized representative
  • Partnership status document showing the employer’s partners, partnership type, and share ratio
  • Certificate of having employees in the same occupation showing that the employer has employees in the same or similar occupation in the province where the On-the-Job Training Program will be held.