All-inclusive travel: Istanbul the sunny city where an all-inclusive stay costs the least during the summer holidays


In Istanbul, a week’s all-inclusive holiday during the summer holidays costs €711 per person, including flight and accommodation.

A third of French people have already booked an all-inclusive trip (all-inclusive) for their summer vacation*. These formulas, which most often imply a fixed fixed price for accommodation, catering, or even activities and drinks, have, in essence, a major advantage: they avoid exceeding the fixed budget.

The all-inclusive stay, a major ally for saving money

This safeguard seems particularly attractive for the summer holidays 2022, during which the French will multiply the tricks to lower the price of the invoice. Indeed, for 72% of the inhabitants of France, the budget has never been so decisive in the choice of their holidays, according to a survey conducted by VVF Ingénerie**. In an inflationary context, all-inclusive stays therefore seem to be an option of choice to deal with fluctuating prices.

But which destinations are the most affordable? To determine this, the Savoo.fr teams compared the prices of a plane ticket and a stay in an all-inclusive hotel for 6 nights, from July 9 to 15, 2022, among the most popular foreign destinations. The verdict is that Istanbul, in Turkey, is the most accessible city.

Istanbul, Turkey, the cheapest destination for an all-inclusive holiday

To go to Istanbul in the middle of summer, each participant in the trip will have to pay 711 € on average, including flight and accommodation. Good news for the French who particularly appreciate this city straddling Europe and Asia. Istanbul was their 3rd favorite destination during the last winter holidays* and their 2nd favorite destination outside Europe last year**.

It must be said that the sun is king there. Temperatures reach 29°C during the summer, and vacationers can enjoy up to 15 hours of sunshine between June and August, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.

The top 5 most economical all-inclusive destinations abroad
City / Price per person

Istanbul (Turkey): €711
Sorrento (Italy): €719
Costa Brava (Spain): €742
Agadir (Morocco): €763
Madeira (Portugal): €768

Madeira, Portugal is the best value city for an all-inclusive holiday

If Istanbul takes the lead of the least expensive all-inclusive destinations, it does not have the best value for money. Indeed, according to the data collected on Booking by the Savoo.fr teams, the all-inclusive hotels in the Turkish city are only rated 83/100, compared to 86/100 in Madeira. The Portuguese destination takes the lead in this regard.

The top 5 all-inclusive destinations with the best value for money
City / Rating given to all-inclusive hotels / Price per person.

Madeira (Portugal): 86/100 – €768
Istanbul (Turkey): 83/100 – €711
Marrakech (Morocco): 84/100 – €876
Crete (Greece): 86/100 – €976
Antalya (Turkey): 87/100 – €1,037