Occupational accidents in Turkish labour law

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Occupational accidents and diseases in Turkish labour law

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Employees involved in accidents at work or suffering from occupational diseases will be entitled to the following benefits :

Healthcare, daily cash amounts payable during temporary disability, payment of a pension in the case of permanent disability, supply fit repair and replace of prosthesis tools and materials, organize transfer to another location in order to ensure that the injured person can benefit from all of the above services and pay, cost of travel abroad for treatment travel cost and living expenses for patient and accompanying person, funeral costs, survivor’s pension in the case of their death.

The employer is obliged to provide initial healthcare for victims of a work accident, until the health insurance is informed and takes the appropriate action. The expense incurred by the employer can be claimed back from the social security authorities. If, due to negligence by the employer, the treatment lasts longer or the patient becomes permanently disabled, the employer will be bound to refund all expenses by the health insurance.

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