Sickness benefits in Turkish labor law

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Sickness benefits in Turkish labor law

In order to qualify for sickness benefits in Turkish labor law, the claimant must be either in insured employment, be a dependant of the insured person, or a pensioner. The benefits indicated below shall be provided for the insured persons not covered by insurance against work accidents and occupational diseases :

  • Health care
  • To provide, fit, repair and replace of the prosthesis tools and materials (20% of these materials are to be paid by the insured person)
  • Payment of daily cash benefit during temporary incapacity
  • To send the patient, if necessary, elsewhere in the country for examination and treatment
  • Under certain circumstances, insured persons may be sent abroad for treatment, and the insurance company will pay for the cost of the treatment and the round trip expenses as well as the essential expenses of the insured person and accompanying persons

Medical treatment will be provided until the insured person is cured. However such benefits must not exceed six months from the date on which the insured person started receiving treatment. This period may be extended with a medical report issued by the board of the hospital, stating that ending or decreasing the treatment of the sick person may cause their death, or they may become permanently disabled.

While employers are not obliged to pay sick leave, most companies pay up to 10 days of absences.

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