Turkey cruise: which ship to embark on for a dream vacation?

turkey cruise

Straddling Asia and Eastern Europe, Turkey has many tourist attractions, spread over a total area of ​​783,562 km². Located on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean, this destination is particularly recommended for cruise lovers. They will be able to take pleasure in the sea, while exploring the wonders of the country founded by Mustafa Atatürk. But first, you will need to contact a shipping company capable of making your vacation unforgettable.

Turkey cruise : Choose an experienced company

The quality of the services offered by the Turkish cruise specialist obviously impacts the experience of holidaymakers. As such, they must be transported by a company with proven experience in this area. In this perspective, Costa Cruises stands out as the benchmark in the sector. Indeed, for 70 years, the ships of this brand have explored various destinations, including countries bordering the Mediterranean. Its crews have therefore had the time to appropriate the requirements of passengers, in order to adapt their services to them. Thus, for your holidays in Turkey, you can count on the nearly century-old know-how of this Italian company.

Spend more time cruising

Turkey being a vast territory, it will take a lot of time for cruise passengers to explore it from top to bottom. Conscious of the fact, Costa Cruises offers long sea excursions. Voyages punctuated with entertaining activities, during which you can relax alone, with family or with colleagues. During this Turkey Cruise, you will have the opportunity to review all the best tourist assets of the country.

Turkey cruise : Site visits

In your quest for discovery, the company will transport you to Istanbul, the country’s largest city. On site, you can visit among others: the famous Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the local Grand Bazaar. You will also make a stopover in Izmir, one of the most industrialized cities in Turkey. It is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, a basin of water inside the Mediterranean Sea. In this locality, you can admire the archaeological sites of Ephesus and Pergamon. You will also fall under the spell of the splendor of the Agora of Smyrna. The boat will also pass through Kusadasi and Bodrum, other Turkish cities with strong tourist potential.

An exciting experience

A Turkey cruise on one of the Costa Cruises ships is a unique experience, to live absolutely. Indeed, at each stage of the visit, holidaymakers will benefit from the explanations of experienced tourist guides. These will succeed in plunging you back into the glorious past of the Ottoman Empire. You will therefore manage to escape, but above all, to strengthen your general culture.

Taste exquisite flavors

A Turkey cruise is not limited to visits to historical sites. You can take advantage of this windfall to discover the local gastronomy. With this in mind, Costa Cruises collaborates with Turkish chefs. You will thus have the privilege of tasting the best recipes of the region. In addition, the company has several restaurants and bars on board. During your trip, you enjoy the food and drink available there.

Protect the environment

Costa Cruises advocates eco-responsible holidays. The objective is to preserve the marine ecosystem of the destination visited. Thus, before the start of your Turkey cruise, the company will inform you of the behaviors to adopt so as not to pollute nature, which are inspired by its manifesto for sustainable tourism.