Turkish labour law and statutory

The benefits indicated below on (Turkish labour law and statutory) are provided to expectant mothers who are insured through employment and to the wives of male employees.

Turkish labour law and statutory :

Differents topics will be explain on this and next articles as doctor visits, the provision of benefits in kind required for confinement, nursing allowance, pay during maternity leave, travel cost to another hospital location if necessary.

Turkish labour law and statutory / Maternity pay

Maternity pay is paid out directly by the social security authorities. In order to be entitled to maternity benefits in kind or nursing allowance, or to a lump sum payment for pregnancy and confinement, minimum 120 days short term insurance branch premiums must have been paid by, or notified for employee within the last one year prior to delivery. Insurance contributions must have been made for at least 120 days in the course of the year preceding the confinement in the case of a male employee’s legally married wife.

Turkish labour law and statutory / Other leave of absence with pay (marriage leave / bereavement leave / paternity leave / adoption leave / leave for disabled child)

Employee shall be allowed to take leave of absence with pay in the event ;

Employee’s mariage : 3 days,

Employee’s adoption a child : 3 days,

Employee’s death of the mother, father, spouse : 3 days,

Brother or sister, and child : 3 days,

Employee’s spouse giving birth 5 days,

Employee’s parents whose child has at least seventy percent disability or chronic disease based on a medical report, shall be allowed to take up to 10 days leave of absence with pay in a year for their child’s treatment, on the condition that the leave is taken by one of the parents and without interruption and in the segments.

Remuneration of above leaves shall be paid by the employer, and such leaves shall be regarded as worked in computation of the length of service required to quality for paid annual leave.

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