What are the advantages of outsourcing payroll in Turkey ?

payroll outsourcing turkey

Payroll outsourcing or payrolling is the process of carrying out the payroll-related tasks that your business requires using a third-party business partner in Turkey. In Turkey, professional employer organization services (PEO) are sometimes referred to as payroll. Payroll outsource services and PEOs are two completely distinct concepts.

Companies save a lot of time and money when payroll outsourcing companies use the data they get from their clients to provide payroll outsourcing services. Azkan Group hybridizes the payroll outsource process with other human resources functions using innovative business models and cutting-edge technology.

It is an honor for Azkan Group to be a local payroll partner in Turkey. Improving work processes by creating cutting-edge products, first-rate services, and exceptional experiences that help people realize their full potential. HR, talent, benefits, payroll, and compliance are designed with people in mind and informed by data.

Payroll outsourcing in Turkey : What is it?

Payroll estheticians perform hygienic payroll procedures. According to Turkish labor law, “the payment earned by the employees” is what is meant by the term “gross salary. “The employees have not received the full amount because, with the exception of a few exemptions, the payment includes deductions for income tax and social security.

As a result, we refer to the portion of the employee’s salary that is deposited into their account as “net payment.”

The differences between gross and net payments are shown by the formulas below.

Gross Salary = Net Salary – Social Security Premium (Employee’s Contribution) – Unemployment Insurance (Employee’s Contribution) – Income Tax – Stamp Tax – Unemployment Insurance (Employee’s Contribution)

Net Salary = Gross Salary – Social Security Premium (Employee’s Contribution) – Income Tax – Stamp Tax – Unemployment Insurance (Employee’s Contribution)

There are four essential parts to a successful payroll outsourcing project in Turkey :

1- Choosing the Right Supplier The references, guarantees, experiences in the privacy-security and personal data protection fields, high-quality documents, system and infrastructure, number of employees, and financial structure of the supplier with whom you will work are crucial.

2-Business Requirement Document This document lets you clearly state your payroll requirements and expectations. The supplier will provide the necessary configuration recommendations for the project’s success in this document.

3-The Service Level Agreement, also known as the SLA, is the final service detail that has been contracted in response to the requirement outlined in the requirement document. The legal bind, duties and responsibilities, minimum and targeted service levels, in-depth service descriptions, and business continuity are all taken into account in this section.

4-Test and Enhancement Your current payroll procedure might be carried out internally or by a different vendor (outsource). Always request a test from your supplier before beginning the service. This enables the identification of modifications to calculations, interpretations, and approaches. The test data results will shape your processes differently.

What are the phases of the outsourcing of payroll in Turkey ?

Payroll Outsourcing Process in Turkey stages