Conditions to Obtain Incapacity Allowance in Turkey

In Turkey, the government provides support to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability or incapacity through the Incapacity Allowance program.

This financial assistance aims to help individuals maintain their quality of life and meet their basic needs. However, to be eligible for this allowance, applicants must meet certain conditions. In this article, we will explore the conditions required to obtain Incapacity Allowance in Turkey.

Medical Examination and Diagnosis

The first step in applying for the Incapacity Allowance is to undergo a medical examination conducted by a certified physician or a medical board appointed by the Social Security Institution (SSI) of Turkey. The examination aims to evaluate the extent of the applicant’s disability or incapacity. The medical examination includes a thorough assessment of the applicant’s physical and mental health conditions to determine the level of impairment and its impact on their ability to work.

Minimum Incapacity Rate

To be eligible for the Incapacity Allowance, applicants must have a minimum incapacity rate of 60%. The incapacity rate is calculated based on the medical examination results, taking into consideration the severity and nature of the disability or incapacity. If the applicant’s incapacity rate is below the minimum threshold, they may not qualify for the allowance. However, it is important to note that the incapacity rate may be subject to periodic reassessment to ensure that the individual’s condition is accurately reflected.

Contributions to the Social Security System

Another condition to obtain Incapacity Allowance in Turkey is having made a certain number of contributions to the Social Security System. Applicants must have paid premiums for a minimum of 10 years, with at least 1800 days of contribution within the last 10 years before the date of application. These contributions ensure that the applicant has actively participated in the social security system and fulfilled their obligations as a worker.

Inability to Engage in Suitable Work

Applicants must also demonstrate that they are unable to engage in any form of suitable work due to their disability or incapacity. The Social Security Institution takes into account the applicant’s education, skills, and work experience when evaluating their capacity to perform alternative jobs. If it is determined that the applicant is incapable of carrying out any occupation that is appropriate and available in the labor market, they may meet this condition.

Income and Asset Criteria

In addition to the above conditions, there are income and asset criteria that need to be met to qualify for the Incapacity Allowance. The applicant’s monthly income, including pensions and other benefits, should not exceed a certain threshold set by the Social Security Institution. Furthermore, the applicant’s total assets, including real estate, vehicles, and savings, should be below a specified limit. These criteria help ensure that the allowance reaches those who are most in need.


The Incapacity Allowance in Turkey provides crucial financial support to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability or incapacity. To qualify for this allowance, applicants must undergo a medical examination to determine the extent of their impairment, meet a minimum incapacity rate of 60%, have a sufficient contribution history to the Social Security System, demonstrate an inability to engage in suitable work, and meet the income and asset criteria. By fulfilling these conditions, individuals in need can access the necessary financial assistance to maintain their quality of life and meet their basic needs in Turkey.

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