Employer of Record in Turkey: Exploring the Benefits of a Transition Manager

transition manager employer of record turkey

What makes the role of a transition manager within an Employer of Record in Turkey so intriguing? 

In this article we will explain what are the benefits of a transition manager in Employer of Record in Turkey.

For the Client Company

There are numerous advantages to having a supported employee for a client company:

A Transition Manager, employed through an Employer of Record in Turkey, offers the advantage of relieving the independent professional from administrative tasks, which are directly handled by the umbrella company. This translates to no loss of time, allowing the employee to dedicate their entire working hours to helping the company navigate through change.

Implementing a transition strategy is a substantial undertaking. The budget allocated to this endeavor demands careful decision-making from the client company. For added simplicity, they can engage umbrella companies that specialize in their desired field to articulate their requirements. Subsequently, the umbrella company taps into its pool of supported employees to identify the most suitable profiles.

Relying on an umbrella employee generally ensures that their professional qualifications are credible, and their experience and credentials have been validated by the umbrella company that manages them.

A dynamic employee seamlessly transitions from one mission to another, regardless of their expertise. Hence, as a Transition Manager, they are the go-to individuals to engage. Change is already a part of their daily routine!

Transforming a business is a pivotal yet temporary mission. Employing a permanent contract expert would not only demand a substantial budget but also might not be justified in the long run. This is where salary portability becomes appealing, meeting one-off and temporary requirements. Once the mission concludes, the employee’s involvement ceases. If more time is needed, the portage transition manager can extend their mission if feasible and desired.

The service fee corresponds to the working hours dedicated solely to mission execution. As mentioned earlier, administrative management of the employee is handled by the umbrella company, translating to time and cost savings. Importantly, the client company is not responsible for contributions and taxes for the service; these amounts are deducted from the company’s turnover by the umbrella company. Therefore, there’s no need for precariousness bonuses or other contributions upon mission completion.

An essential component for identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas for improvement. In the midst of daily operations, the ecosystem may overlook certain parameters that are, nonetheless, evident.

For the Employee

Transition Manager thrives on challenges, and integrating into new companies experiencing change is exceptionally stimulating. Over time, they witness a complete transformation of the ecosystem, both in terms of human resources and organization.

Independence is a prized possession for an employed employee. Although they have a contract with the client company, they can manage their workdays according to their preferences. This freedom is a significant advantage, allowing them to strike the right balance between their personal independence and the company’s mission success.

Security is paramount for a supported employee, and the concept of an Employer of Record in Turkey provides that security. This knowledge allows them to approach their mission with peace of mind, free from the financial risks associated with uncertainty. They have the assurance of health insurance, unemployment coverage, and retirement benefits.

Networking is a valuable outcome of meetings and missions. Employees build a substantial network of professionals, enabling them to transition quickly from one mission to another due to various opportunities. This network is also an asset in their transition management mission, as they can recommend professionals from their network when specific needs arise.


Working with people is a key enrichment factor when leading a company through change. It’s a process rooted in human interactions, requiring the discovery of effective ways to communicate that align with the values and ethos of the client company. Gaining the trust of employees, involving them in the strategy, and navigating these human challenges can be highly rewarding.

Remuneration for Transition Managers under an Employer of Record in Turkey can be structured to provide a higher quality of life compared to traditional employment. This independence is bolstered by the support of the umbrella company and the understanding that companies pay for actual working hours, not contributions and taxes.

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