How to pay a Turkish employee without having a bank account in Turkey with EOR (Employer of Record) ?

turkish employee eor

Paying a Turkish employee without having a bank account in Turkey is possible, and using an EOR (Employer of Record) service can be a good approach to facilitate this process.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Engage an EOR Service Provider:
    • Partner with an EOR service provider in Turkey. EOR providers specialize in employment-related services, including payroll processing, tax compliance, and HR management.
  2. Draft an Employment Agreement:
    • Create a legal employment agreement between your company and the Turkish employee. Ensure that it outlines all employment terms, including salary, benefits, and payment frequency.
  3. Transfer Funds to EOR Provider:
    • Transfer the necessary funds to the EOR service provider’s bank account. You will need to specify the amount required for the employee’s salary, tax deductions, and any other payroll-related expenses.
  4. Provide Employee Information:
    • Share the employee’s personal information, tax identification number, and other necessary details with the EOR provider.
  5. Process Payroll and Taxes:
    • The EOR provider will calculate and process the employee’s salary, make tax deductions, and ensure compliance with Turkish tax regulations.
  6. Payment to Employee:
    • The EOR provider will arrange for payment to the employee, which can be in the form of a check or direct deposit into the employee’s Turkish bank account, even if you don’t have a bank account in Turkey.
  7. Tax Compliance:
    • The EOR provider will handle all tax compliance matters, including filing and remitting taxes on behalf of your company and the employee.
  8. Reporting and Documentation:
    • The EOR provider will provide payroll reports and documentation to ensure transparency and compliance.
  9. Benefits and Compliance:
    • If your employee is entitled to benefits, such as health insurance or retirement contributions, the EOR provider can assist in administering these benefits.
  10. Exit Process:
    • When the employment relationship ends, the EOR provider will handle final salary settlements, tax compliance, and other necessary procedures.

Using an EOR service can simplify the process of paying a Turkish employee when you don’t have a local bank account. It ensures that you remain compliant with Turkish labor and tax regulations, and it also saves you the trouble of navigating the complexities of setting up a bank account or entity in Turkey. However, it’s essential to choose a reputable EOR service provider to ensure smooth operations and compliance with local regulations.

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