Temporary Employment in Turkey

In the context of Turkish labor laws, a, temporary employment in Turkey can materialize under two specific circumstances.

In the realm of employment, the conventional understanding typically revolves around a permanent, full-time commitment with an indefinite duration. Any deviation from this norm is considered exceptional and is subject to stringent prerequisites.

Group Company Exception

Temporary employment within a group of affiliated companies is one such instance where the traditional employment paradigm undergoes a temporary shift in Turkey. Here, a temporary employment relationship in Turkey can be established for a maximum duration of six months, with the possibility of two extensions. However, each extension necessitates prior written consent from the employee. This arrangement allows companies within the same corporate group to flexibly deploy personnel across entities as the need arises.

Private Labor Agency (Özel İstihdam Büroları) Exception

A more recent development in Turkish labor legislation, starting in May 2016, introduced the concept of private labor agencies. These agencies, operating under a special permit granted by the Turkish Employment Agency, facilitate the hiring of employees to meet short-term workforce requirements of other employers. To initiate this process, a temporary workforce procurement agreement must be executed between the private labor agency and the hiring employer. The private labor agency’s employee then works for the employer based on the stipulated terms of the workforce procurement agreement for a predetermined period.

It’s important to note that employers can utilize this private labor agency exception only in specific circumstances. Some of these circumstances include covering for employees opting for parental part-time work, supporting female employees on paid maternity leave, or accommodating male employees fulfilling their mandatory military service obligations.

In summary, Turkish labor laws recognize that traditional, indefinite employment arrangements may not always align with the evolving needs of businesses. Therefore, in Turkey these exceptions provide a degree of flexibility, allowing temporary employment to bridge the gap between the rigid structures of permanent, full-time positions and the changing dynamics of the modern workforce.

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