List of Turkish industrial, commercial agricultural and forestry works in terms of the application of the labour law numbered 4857

Please find below the list :

A) Works Considered as Industry

             1 – Processing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, cleaning, changing the shape, decorating, preparing for sale,

             2 – Exploration and extraction of all kinds of mines and industrial raw materials, including auxiliary and complementary works,

             3 – Mine and slag sorting and cleaning works independent from mining,

             4 – Work carried out in quarries such as marble, which can be cut and polished,

             5 – Work carried out in stone, clay, sand and lime quarries, including quarrying, crushing and cutting,

             6 – Rock salt production and salt production from sea and lakes,

             7 – Oil and natural gas exploration works,

             8 – Drilling of oil and natural gas wells,

             9 – Operation of oil and natural gas wells and strata or bituminous sands,

             10 – Pipeline and road transport of oil and natural gas,

             11 – Storage, transport, filling and distribution of petroleum products including liquefied petroleum gas (SPG) (including fuel oil and SPG stations),

             12 – Slaughtering of all kinds of live animals, production of meat and meat products,

             13 – Production of milk and dairy products,

             14 – Fruit and vegetable processing, canning, drying, vinegar, pickles, tomato paste, jam, marmalade, fruit and vegetable juices,

             15 – Cleaning, packaging, freezing and processing of fish and other seafood products such as canned, smoked, pickled, marina,

             16 – Cleaning, sorting and grinding of foodstuffs,

             17 – Feed industry works,

             18 – Bakery, pastry, biscuit and other pastries,

             19 – Manufacture of pasta, noodles and similar foodstuffs,

             20 – Production works in catering factories,

             21 – Sugar industry works,

             22 – Cocoa and chocolate manufacturing,

             23 – Production of starch, dextrin and glucose,

             24 – Confectionery and other sugary substances and chewing gum manufacturing,

             25 – Tea industry works,

             26 – Preparation of various nuts,

             27 – Work in ice factories,

             28 – Work in cold air facilities,

             29 – Liquidation of vegetable oils and subjecting them to various processes,

             30 – Manufacture of foodstuffs not classified elsewhere and subjecting them to various processes,

             31 – Production of alcoholic beverages,

             32 – Manufacture of non-alcoholic beverages including water, mineral water and soda water,

             33 – Works carried out in tobacco and tobacco products industry,

             34 – Ginning factories,

             35 – All kinds of yarn manufacturing, weaving industry, yarn twisting and winding works,

             36 – Finishing, dyeing, writing and printing works,

             37 – Carpet and rug industrial works,

             38 – Knitting industry works,

             39 – Rope, rope, twine and similar industrial works,

             40 – All kinds of shoe manufacturing works,

             41 – Manufacture of clothing and haberdashery goods,

             42 – Manufacture of ready-made goods from textiles,

             43 – Mechanical processing of wood,

             44 – Manufacture of wood, thatch and cork goods,

             45 – Furniture industry works made with all kinds of materials,

             46 – Upholstery works,

             47 – Pulp, paper and cardboard manufacturing,

             48 – Manufacture of paper and cardboard products from paper pulp,

             49 – Works performed in printing houses,

             50 – Printing, publishing and related industrial works,

             51 – Bookbinding, stereotyping and other printing works,

             52 – Leather processing industry works,

             53 – Fur processing and dyeing industrial works,

             54 – Rubber industry works,

             55 – Manufacturing of basic chemicals and artificial fertilisers used in industry,

             56 – Manufacture of firecrackers, corks for children’s pistols,

             57 – Manufacturing and storage of ammunition and explosives,

             58 – Manufacture of chemical substances such as salts, acids, bases and alcohols,

             59 – Manufacture of rayon and other synthetic fibres and plastic materials,

             60 – Production of industrial vegetable and animal oils,

             61 – Paint, varnish, lacquer, solvent and adhesive manufacturing works,

             62 – Manufacture of chemical substances not elsewhere classified,

             63 – Manufacture of various products derived from oil and coal,

             64 – Production of construction materials from terracotta,

             65 – Glass industry works,

             66 – Porcelain, faience and ceramic industrial works,

             67 – Cement and ready-mixed concrete industrial works,

             68 – Manufacture of cement and concrete goods and construction materials,

             69 – Gypsum powder and gypsum goods manufacturing works operated separately from gypsum quarries,

             70 – Lime quarries and lime production works operated separately from quarries,

             71 – Manufacture of stone and graphite ware,

             72 – Asbestos production and asbestos material manufacturing works,

             73 – Sanding stone and paper manufacturing,

             74 – Iron, steel and other metals manufacturing industry works,

             75 – Manufacture of non-metallic materials,

             76 – Industrial works of goods made of metal,

             77 – Other manufacturing works from materials other than metals,

             78 – Machine manufacturing and repair works,

             79 – Construction, repair, dismantling and wreck removal works of marine transport vehicles,

             80 – Manufacture and repair of railway transport vehicles and equipment,

             81 – Motor vehicle manufacturing and repair works,

             82 – Motorbike and bicycle manufacturing works,

             83 – Aircraft manufacturing and repair works and maintenance, repair, supply and similar technical support services at airports,

             84 – Manufacture of other vehicles and materials used in transport,

             85 – Manufacture and repair of professional, scientific and precision instruments,

             86 – Manufacture of photographic machines, optical instruments and materials,

             87 – Watch manufacturing works,

             88 – Jewellery and jewellery manufacturing works,

             89 – Manufacture of musical instruments,

             90 – Other works for manufacturing not classified elsewhere,

             91 – Construction, repair, correction, alteration, dismantling and demolition works of buildings, embankments, dams, roads, railways, overhead lines, tunnels, subways, bridges, steel structures and assemblies, piers, ports, breakwaters, sewers, sewers, wells, canals, walls and similar construction, repair, correction, alteration, dismantling and demolition works and all kinds of industrial construction works auxiliary to these, production and works of all kinds of prefabricated building elements, drilling, soil excavation, splitting and filling works, electrical, plumbing and heating-gas installation works, plastering, carpentry, plastering, whitewashing and painting works, works such as the use of fixed and mobile machinery and facilities used in these works,

             92 – Swamp drying, lake and river reclamation works,

             93 – Telephone, telegraph, radio, radio and television installation works,

             94 – Construction works in agricultural and forestry workplaces and enterprises,

             95 – Acquisition, modification, transport, installation and distribution of electricity and all kinds of motive power,

             96 – Gas production, distribution of gas and natural gas,

             97 – Steam production and distribution works for heating and energy purposes,

98 – Water collection, purification, distribution, treatment and operation of water networks and maintenance and repair works carried out by the same enterprise,

             99 – Garbage and sewerage services,

             100 – All kinds of loading, unloading and storage of raw materials, semi- and fully finished products at stations, warehouses, piers, ports, harbours, airports, hypermarkets, free zones and special customs clearance areas and similar places,

             101 – Works carried out in plant protection product or technical substance production facilities,

             102 – Work done with radioactive materials and work done in electromagnetic environment.

             B) Works Considered as Trade

             1 – Purchase and sale of all kinds of raw, semi-finished and fully finished vegetable, animal or industrial products and goods,

             2 – Purchase and sale of information and technology such as engineering, consultancy,

             3 – Legal services,

             4 – Photography works,

             5 – Hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons,

             6 – Warehousing, warehousing, warehousing and similar works,

             7 – Purchase and sale of aquaculture products,

             8 – Work done in restaurants, cafeterias, soup kitchens and other eating and drinking places,

             9 – Works carried out in accommodation facilities such as hotels, hostels, camps, dormitories and guesthouses,

             10 – Communication services,

             11 – Banking and finance sector related works,

             12 – Insurance business,

             13 – Brokerage business,

             14 – Real estate agency works,

             15 – Leasing and financial leasing of machinery and equipment,

16 – Social services not elsewhere classified,

             17 – Health services,

             18 – Education services,

             19 – Work performed in scientific research centres and labouratories,

             20 – Work done in professional organisations,

             21 – Culture and entertainment services,

             22 – Botanical and zoological gardens and cultural activity services not elsewhere classified,

             23 – Museology works,

             24 – Library services,

             25 – Cleaning works such as building cleaning, carpet washing, car washing, dry cleaning, laundries,

             26 – Cable car operation,

             27 – Taxi businesses and related services,

             28 – Services facilitating road transport such as terminals, car parks and garages,

             29 – Ground handling services at airports,

             30 – Railway transport works,

             31 – Transport of people or goods and animals on land, lakes and rivers,

             32 – Repair works not classified elsewhere,

             33 – Agricultural pesticide dealership business.

             C) Agriculture and Forestry

             1 – All kinds of fruiting and non-fruiting plants; tea, cotton, tobacco, fibre plants; citrus fruits; rice, legumes; trees, shrubs, shrubs, seeds, seedlings, saplings; vegetables and field crops; cultivation, production, breeding, research of fodder and ornamental plants, all kinds of soil works related to these, sowing, planting, grafting, pruning, irrigation, fertilisation, harvesting, threshing, harvesting, cleaning, preparation and separation works, fight against diseases and pests, operation of agricultural irrigation systems with the method of joint payment by irrigation unions, soil improvement, meadow, pasture, soil and water conservation,

2 – Breeding, production, breeding of all kinds of labour and income animals and related care, guidance, training, shearing, milking, milking and obtaining, collecting and storing their products and combating diseases and parasites of these animals,

             3 – Protection, planning (management), cultivation, operation, limitation of forests, firefighting works, fire fighting works, infrastructure works related to these, survey project, afforestation, erosion control, rehabilitation, forest pasture improvement, vaccination, seed and tree improvement, seed collection, seedling production, seedling production, establishment of seeds, forestry research studies and hunting and wildlife studies, establishment, maintenance, development and protection of national parks, forest recreation areas and urban forests,         

             4 – Without prejudice to the provisions of the Maritime Labour Law dated 20/4/1967 and numbered 854, hunting, breeding and production of land and aquaculture products and the storage and transport of the products obtained in this way.