Notification of the Commencement of Employment of Private Security Officer in Turkey

Notification of the commencement of employment of private security officer in Turkey is a critical step in ensuring the safety and security of businesses, individuals, and public spaces. As mandated by Turkish regulations, companies employing private security officers are required to formally notify the relevant authorities regarding the initiation of their employment. This notification serves multiple purposes, including providing the government with essential information about the deployment of security personnel, ensuring compliance with licensing and training requirements, and facilitating coordination between private security firms and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the notification process helps maintain transparency in the security sector and enables authorities to monitor the activities of private security officers to prevent potential abuses or misconduct. By promptly notifying the commencement of employment, businesses demonstrate their commitment to upholding security standards and contributing to the overall safety of society. Furthermore, this notification requirement underscores the importance of effective collaboration between the public and private sectors in safeguarding communities against various threats and risks. Overall, the notification of the commencement of employment of private security officers in Turkey plays a crucial role in enhancing security measures, promoting accountability, and fostering a safer environment for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Notification of the Commencement of Employment of Private Security Officer in Turkey Template

Number:                                                                                                         …./…../…….




……………, who has been permitted by your governorship to work as private security personnel in accordance with Law No. 5188, has started to work in our workplace.

We kindly submit for your information.                                                                                                                                                                                              Authorized Signatures


1. Identity Card Copy of the related Person

2. Copy of Work Permit

3. Copy of Employment Contract

4. Insured Employment Entry Sample

5. Other attachments that may be deemed necessary and requested