List of Jobs for Child and Young Workers in Turkey

Please find below the list :

1. Fruit, vegetable and flower picking, except for those that require working in a way that may pose a danger of falling and injury,

2. Auxiliary work in poultry fattening and silkworm work,

3. Sales jobs with tradesmen and craftsmen,

4. Auxiliary jobs for clerical services,

5. Distribution and sale of newspapers, magazines or printed matter (excluding freight transport and stacking),

6. Work as a busboy and salesperson in bakeries, patisseries, greengrocers, kiosks and restaurants without alcohol,

7. Labelling and manual packaging of goods for sale,

8. Auxiliary work in libraries, fairs, fairs and exhibitions (except cargo handling and stacking),

9. Auxiliary work in sports facilities,

10. Flower selling and arranging works.

Jobs in which young workers can be employed

1. Fruit and vegetable canning, vinegar, pickles, tomato paste, jam, marmalade, fruit and vegetable juices production works,

2. Fruit and vegetable drying and processing works,

3. Production of halva, bulama, wax, molasses,

4. Auxiliary work in butcheries,

5. Tea processing works,

6. Preparation of various nuts,

7. Auxiliary works in ovine breeding,

8. Manufacture of brooms and brushes,

9. Manufacture of ornaments, buttons, combs, paintings, mirrors, mirrors, frames, glass and similar items made of wood carving, bone, horn, amber, nugget stone, Erzurum stone and other materials made by hand,

10. Sales, labelling and packaging works in wholesale and retail stores and shops,

11. Clerical and auxiliary work in office workplaces,

12. Flower growing works except spraying and fertilisation,

13. Work in the service sector, excluding drinking places and catering services,

14. Other clothing, cane and umbrella manufacturing works,

15. Manufacture and various processing of foodstuffs,

16. Manufacture of quilts, tents, sacks, sails and similar goods and other ready-made goods without weaving,

17. Crates, boxes, barrels and similar packaging materials, cork, reed and reed baskets and similar goods manufacturing works,

18. Works related to the manufacture of pottery, pottery, tiles, faience, porcelain and ceramics (excluding kiln works and works emitting silica and quarts dust),

19. Flyer distribution works,

20. Work related to the production of glass, bottles, optics and similar materials (excluding kiln work and work emitting silica and quarts dust, heat treatment, colouring and chemical work),

21. Work related to the production of vegetable and animal fats and the manufacture of substances made from them (excluding extraction steps in the production of oil by extraction of pomace or similar oily substances made with flammable or irritating solvents such as carbon sulphide),

22. Spinning mills and weaving preparation works of cotton, linen, wool, silk and the like and their debris, separated by partition from the spinning, carding and starching looms and the processes related to dyeing and separated from the processes related to dyeing by partition and equipped with scientific climate and aspiration installations,

23. Fishery works,

24. Jobs that help to prepare for production in sugar factories,

25. Bagging, barreling, stacking and similar works that do not require lifting loads of more than 10 kg without a vehicle,

26. Water-based glue, gelatine and cola production,

27. Manufacture and repair of dinghies, boats and similar small sea vehicles (except paint and varnish works).

Work for young workers who have completed 16 years of age but have not completed 18 years of age

1. Works of tiles, bricks, firebricks manufactured by firing the soil and works of pipes, crucibles, cunnels and similar construction and architectural materials.

2. Drying and gluing works, plywood, plywood, plywood, artificial wood made of particle wood and artificial wood with PVC surface coating and impregnation works.

3. Manufacture of paraffin ware.

4. Cleaning, picking, separation of bird and animal feather hair and similar works.

5. Shaping of plastic materials and production of plastic goods (except for the production of PVC and the production of goods made of PVC).

6. Manufacture of ready-made goods from textiles (curtains, home textiles, automobile products and the like).

7. Paper and wood pulp production.

8. Cellulose production works.

9. Manufacture of all kinds of goods and materials made of paper and paper products.

10. Works in grain warehouses and works in flour and paddy factories.

11. Manufacture of all kinds of ink and ink-containing materials.