Career choices in Turkey

There are two career choices in Turkey, either through a large company, or through what is called “patron sirketi”, ie a small business run by a single manager.

Working in a large company in Turkey generally offers more rights, including social security, salary levels and redundancy payments.

On the other hand, in the SME (patron sirketi), the employee can quickly progress in terms of responsibilities. One infringes the rules more in the “patron sirketi” than in the big companies.

But in the career choices in Turkey, one must bear in mind that within the SME, the employees generally worship their boss. There is a rather paternalistic management mode (which is less the case in large structures) which refers to the image of the father and his children.


The career choices in Turkey: Integrating a small or a large company?


In the small business, employees are perceived by the manager as “family members”. A family spirit emerges in the way of manager. The successes of the employees are perceived and congratulated as if they belonged to the leader (ie to the father).

The full authority is held by the officer who has personal and individual ties with each of his employees.

In the « patron sirketi », the leader suffers from a need for recognition. If employees do not reach their goals in terms of results, or if they are no longer loyal to the leader, the leader may also have a more authoritarian style of leadership.

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