Turkish CV: uncommon profiles

The Turkish cv has many considerations may differ from others, in the sense that it is not unusual to see an employee bring to work in different sectors and positions during his career.

In France, for example, a young graduate who starts as a purchaser in the retail sector will find himself somewhat constrained to continue in this position and this sector. If one day, in case of dismissal he starts looking for another job, it will be difficult for him to be a marketer even if he remains in the supermarket sector. During the interview, he will be repeatedly asked why he suddenly wants to become a marketer when he was once a buyer. The recruiter will prefer to recruit a profile specialized in marketing rather than give a chance to this ex-buyer.

This is not the case in Turkey. Just take a look at a Turkish CV!


Turkish CV: How does it differ from other CVs?


You can change position and sector very easily. Read a Turkish CV, and you will often come across profiles that have accumulated positions in different areas. Employment turnover is very high, and this has a very positive effect on the overall level of unemployment. At any time an asset can bounce back on the job market.

Moreover, in France, knowing that layoffs are more complicated, generally an employee is led to work in up to three different companies in the space of ten years. In Turkey, many employees change jobs almost every two years. The causes ?

– easier dismissal process (lower indemnities than in France)

– many SMBs where leaderships are predominantly paternalistic, where the slightest mistake leads to dismissal. Many employees also want to free themselves from this paternalistic constraint and resign.

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