Communiqué on Preparation, Completion and Cleaning Works to be carried out at the Workplace in Turkey

The “Communiqué on Preparation, Completion, and Cleaning Works to be Carried Out at the Workplace in Turkey” represents a pivotal document in ensuring workplace safety and hygiene standards within the Turkish labor landscape. Enacted under the auspices of Turkey’s labor regulations, this communiqué outlines meticulous guidelines designed to safeguard the health and well-being of employees across various industries. Its comprehensive scope encompasses a spectrum of preparatory, completion, and cleaning protocols aimed at mitigating occupational hazards, fostering a culture of cleanliness, and fortifying workplace resilience against potential health threats. From meticulous pre-task assessments to rigorous post-activity sanitation measures, the communiqué establishes a robust framework for employers and employees alike to uphold stringent cleanliness standards, thereby fostering an environment conducive to productivity and wellness. By adhering to the stipulations delineated within this communiqué, businesses can cultivate a culture of safety and hygiene, enhancing both the physical and psychological welfare of their workforce. Through proactive implementation and diligent adherence, the communiqué serves as a cornerstone in Turkey’s ongoing commitment to fostering safe, healthy, and sustainable work environments, poised to withstand the challenges of an ever-evolving occupational landscape.

Communiqué on Preparation, Completion and Cleaning Works to be carried out at the Workplace in Turkey Template

In our workplace, …………………..(preparation / completion / cleaning) work will be done as shown below regarding the subject of …………………… Date

                                                                                              Authorized Signatures

Name of work:                                     Collection of parts

Quality:                                               Cleaning

Total number of workers:                     110

Number of workers to do the work:      Each day 11

Teams:                                                Each 11 persons

Team leader:                                       1 person

Work time:                                          1 hour

Break:                                                 After daily work half an hour

Fee:                                                     50% more than normal hourly wage

Team                                                   Team Leader

1. day

2. day