Non-Covered Persons in the Calculation of 30 Workers in Job Security in Turkey

Worker4857/4If they are subject to the provisions of the Code of Obligations
Süreksiz işleri yapan işçiler4857/10According to the decisions of the Supreme Court
Foreign national or foreign national worker of Turkish origin6735/6If they do not have a work permit
Apprentices4857/18As it is within the scope of Article 4857/4.
Rehabilite edilenler4857/18As it is within the scope of Article 4857/4.
Sporcular4857/18As it is within the scope of Article 4857/4.
Stajyerler4857/18If there are no elements of a labour contract
Meslek eğitimi gören öğrenciler3308/3They are not workers
Memur657/4They are not workers
Sözleşmeli personal657/4They are not workers
İşçi olmayan geçici personel657/4They are not workers
Gazeteci5953/6 lastIf not within the scope of 5953/1 and article 2
Gemi adamı854/1-2Not specifically referred to
Tarım ve orman işçisi4857/4If the total number of workers of the agricultural and forestry workplace or enterprise is less than 51
Özel güvenlik görevlileri5188If they are subcontractor workers
Ödünç alınan işçi4857/18The borrowed worker within the meaning of Article 4857/6.
İşveren vekili4857/18If he/she is a partner
Alt işveren işçileri4847/2If the subcontractor relationship is not collusive