Notice of resignation in Turkey Template

TURKISH EMPLOYMENT AGENCY                                                       NOTICE OF RESIGNATION (SAMPLE)                                    
Name Surname/Title               Workplace Address     Province:                                                      District:SSK workplace registration no:
Trade registry no:
Date of establishment (day/month/year):
Main field of work:
Tel:                                           Fax:Scope                                          Public                                          Private
Name SurnameSSK registration no:
Residence Address:   Province:                                                                    District:Date of birth (day/month/year):
Place of birth:
Tel:                                                    Fax:Mother name:
Gender:                               Female                                      MaleFather’s name:
193 No. Income Tax Law No. 31 will be filled in for those who are within the scope of Article 31.
Disability Rate %Disability Tax Deduction                                1                              2                                3
3-  Fund Information (To be filled in if the insured is covered by the provisional article 20 of the Law No. 506)
Fund name:Insured Fund Registry No:
4-  Work information of the insured person at the workplace
Date of employment (day/month/year):Date of dismissal (day/month/year):
Reason for dismissal:Position at workplace:
Last monthly net salary:
Premium records at the workplace in the last 120 days (To be filled in retrospectively starting from the last month)
YearMonthLast monthly net salary:Monthly premium days         If there are missing premium days in the month, the reason (One or more of the reasons listed on the back page will be written in this section).
The number of unemployment insurance premium payment days in this workplace in the last three years:
The İŞKUR unit where the declaration will be submitted:
Date of issue (day/month/year):                                      Date of notification to the insured (day/month/year):
I accept that all the information in this declaration is complete and correct, and in case of any incorrect or incomplete information, I accept that I will be responsible for any liability that may arise from unfair and excessive payments to be made by the Institution.With this declaration approved by the workplace and official identity document I know that I have to apply to the İŞKUR unit listed in section 5 within 30 days after the date of leaving the job.
 EMPLOYER/AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE Name/Surname/Title/Signature/Stamp  INSURED Name, Surname, Signature