Notification of Termination in Job Security in Turkey (with Prior Notice)

In Turkey, as in many countries, the termination of employment in Job Security is a carefully regulated process aimed at protecting the rights of both employers and employees. When it comes to job security and termination with prior notice, Turkish labor law sets out clear procedures and requirements. Notification of termination with prior notice is a crucial aspect of ensuring fairness in the employment relationship. Employers are obligated to provide a written notice of termination to their employees, outlining the reasons for termination and the notice period as stipulated by law or the employment contract. The notice period typically varies depending on the length of the employment relationship, with longer notice periods required for employees who have been with the company for a longer duration. This allows employees a reasonable amount of time to prepare for the termination of their employment and seek alternative opportunities. Additionally, during the notice period, employees are often entitled to continue receiving their regular salary and benefits, providing them with financial stability during the transition period.

One of the primary purposes of requiring prior notice of termination is to give employees the opportunity to address any issues or concerns that may have led to their termination. This could involve improving performance, resolving conflicts, or addressing any other issues that may have arisen during their employment. By providing employees with notice and an opportunity to remedy the situation, employers demonstrate a commitment to fairness and due process in employment termination. Moreover, it fosters a culture of transparency and open communication within the workplace, which can ultimately lead to more positive employer-employee relationships.

From the perspective of job security, the requirement of prior notice serves as a form of protection for employees against arbitrary or unjustified termination. It prevents employers from terminating employees without warning or justification, thereby providing a degree of stability and security in the workplace. Employees can feel reassured knowing that they cannot be dismissed without a valid reason and that they have time to make necessary arrangements for their future employment. This contributes to a sense of trust and confidence in the employer, which can have a positive impact on employee morale and productivity.

In addition to providing notice, Turkish labor law often requires employers to provide a severance payment to employees who are terminated with prior notice. This payment is intended to compensate employees for the loss of their job and to help them transition to new employment. The amount of severance pay is typically based on the length of the employee’s service with the company, with longer-serving employees entitled to higher severance payments. By providing financial support to employees who are terminated, employers demonstrate a commitment to mitigating the impact of job loss and supporting their employees through difficult times.

Overall, the notification of termination with prior notice is a fundamental aspect of job security in Turkey. It ensures fairness and transparency in the employment relationship, protects employees against arbitrary termination, and provides them with the opportunity to address any issues that may have led to their termination. By adhering to the requirements of labor law regarding termination with prior notice, employers can promote a culture of fairness, trust, and respect in the workplace, ultimately benefiting both employers and employees alike.

Termination in Job Security in Turkey Template


Subejct: Termination of Employment Contract                                                             Date

Messrs, …………………….


It has been determined that you have a behavior ………………………….occurred on the date ……………………………………. The defense you made on …………….. in this regard was not deemed sufficient. This matter constitutes a ground for termination for valid reason arising from the competence or behavior of the employee in accordance with Articles 18 and following of the Labour Law No. 4857.

For this reason, your indefinite-term employment contract will be terminated effective from ……………….

I/we am/are kingly requesting your information.

                                                                                              Authorized Signatures

I have received a copy in person/read and informed.

Employee Name Surname/Date/İmza

Employee refrained from signing.

Witness (es) Name Surname/Duty/Date/Signature                   Authorized Signatures