Points Table to be used in Workplaces where Percentage Method is applied in Turkey

In workplaces across Turkey where the percentage method is applied for various calculations, including determining employee benefits or performance evaluations, a points table serves as a crucial tool for standardization and transparency. The points table is a systematic framework that assigns numerical values to specific factors or criteria relevant to the evaluation process. These factors can vary widely depending on the context of the workplace, but commonly include metrics such as attendance, productivity, quality of work, adherence to safety regulations, and teamwork. Each criterion is assigned a predetermined weight or importance within the points table, reflecting its relative significance to the overall evaluation. For example, attendance might be weighted more heavily than other factors to emphasize the importance of punctuality and reliability in the workplace. Employees earn points based on their performance in each criterion, with higher scores indicating better performance. The points table provides a clear and objective method for assessing employee performance, enabling fair comparisons between individuals and consistency in decision-making processes. Moreover, it promotes accountability and motivation among employees by establishing clear expectations and offering a tangible framework for recognition and rewards. However, it’s essential for employers to ensure that the points table is implemented and applied fairly and transparently, with opportunities for employees to provide feedback and address any concerns about the evaluation process. Additionally, regular reviews and updates to the points table may be necessary to accommodate changes in the workplace environment or evolving priorities. Overall, the points table serves as a valuable tool for promoting efficiency, fairness, and accountability in workplaces where the percentage method is utilized for various purposes in Turkey.

GroupWork to be done-Task titlesLower limit scoreUpper limit score
IHead Chef, Maitre D’Hotel, Reception Supervisor2630
IIAssistant Head Chef, Assistant Maitre D’Hotel, Assistant Reception Supervisor, Section Supervisors, Front Counter Supervisor2226
IIIAssistant Section Chief, Laundry Chief, Reception and Reservation Officers, Cook, Chief Cashier, Captain, Front Cashier, Waiter, Bartender, Valet Fammet D. Chambr, Pastry Chef, Dessert Chef, Cold Cook, Doner, Bell Captain, Security Chief, Controller, … Class Technical Staff, Head Driver, Head Tailor, Night Technician, etc.1822
IVDepartment clerks, cashiers, security guards, caretakers, housekeepers, floor and room cleaners, buffets, assistant cooks, assistant waiters, bakers, sociers, butchers, 20th class dishwashers, coffee and bread makers, chief wipers, caretakers, bellboys, bellboys, nurses, switchboard clerks, tallymen, dry cleaning and laundry masters and workers, tailors, chief busboys, 2nd class technical staff, drivers, head gardener, sauna, supervisor, pool and sports field supervisors and similar jobs1418
VWork carried out by square workers, baggage handlers, messengers, dishwashers, busboys, busboys, watchmen, gardeners, shop labourers, wipers, trainees and similar jobs1014