Finding a job in Turkey is less difficult than in a European country.

There are many sites to apply online and find a job in Istanbul (economic capital)

Websites to find a job in Turkey

– Secret cv ( Thousands of positions are offered. Simply post your resume, and recruiters come to you.

– Kariyer ( The most popular and efficient site in Turkey. Applying to this site is relatively simple, just click on « basvur » (apply). Unfortunately, companies are struggling to sort out applications on this site since applicants click on all job postings they meet.

– Yenibiris (

– Eleman ( find a job offer in the service sector

Generally, an asset does not take more than two months to find a job in Turkey, so supply and turnover are important especially in SMEs (where leadership is predominantly paternalistic), a sign of ill-being within the company, business. The employees of these SMEs often change their business because of complicated working conditions, difficult relationships and a stalemate in their careers.

A turnover in Turkish SMBs thus reflects the difficulties of employers to retain their employees who are ready to give up their position as soon as a better opportunity presents itself to them. The causes of the main departures are poor working conditions, stress, and the climate within the company.

Still, according to a study carried out in Turkey, wage is the essential factor to retain an employee.

For more information about the world of work, you can find the book « Doing business in Turkey : a guide to success ».

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