Focus Aerospace: with the Umbrella Company Turkey, foreign companies are winners

Umbrella Company Turkey is an attractive solutions for foreign companies. Check below the reasons of this success.

Recognized as the global showcase of aeronautics, Turkey, the 17th world power, has many projects for 2023 (hundredth anniversary of the Turkish republic founded Mustafa Kemal Ataturk). It should be noted that the air traffic has increased in dynamics for ten years by seeing its number multiplied by six. Turkish Airlines, will see the number of its aircraft in its portfolio increase to 400 by 2020.

With the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Turkey has an internationally recognized showcase in the field of aeronautics.

This growth attracts many foreign SMEs seduced by this Turkish ambition to become a leading industrial player producing its own devices.

Turkish industry in this field is upmarket and invests heavily in R & D.

But this country needs foreign investment and the creation of free zones.


Umbrella Company Turkey : a new perspective for western firms


Case study :

A European company A specialized in aeronautical construction wants to import manufacturing parts produced in Turkey. To carry out this project, the company needs an on-site employee who can buy the components at its best price. They are looking for Recruitment Turkey.

This buyer will work for company A by going to negotiate with the manufacturers of the materials that it wishes to import.

But how can Company A recruit in Turkey when it has no legal structure on the spot? Should it open a company specifically to employ a purchaser profile? The cost and investment of opening a legal company on the spot would be far too high for the recruitment of a single employee.

Hence the interest of the Umbrella Company Turkey.

Here, a company B will directly employ this employee who will work for company A.

This Umbrella Company Turkey :

– will edit the employee’s pay slips

– pay his salary

– will take care of all its administrative and legal steps

– pay social and employer contributions

A company based abroad will have no other duties than to give instructions to its Turkish employee.

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